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Terminator Style Glasses…

Oh boy ..

Google has finally done it ..

Google recently announced they will be launching HEADS UP DISPLAY GLASSES .. !!

yeah, you heard me. The terminator days are a reality now.

Every kids childhood dream (especially those raised in the late 80’s/early 90’s) will finally come true. Read the rest of this entry »

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Time Paradigm & movies

I was watching ‘The time machine-2002’ on DVD with my girlfriend, and towards the end of the movie something struck me, something which I had never considered before.

Something which maybe in my hindsight i had failed to grasp.


Well actually I wanted to write paradox but paradigm sounds more mysterious .. and basically paradigm is a concept .. and the concept in question here is the paradox of time travel … (if I managed to confuse you …. like the post)

You see in the end in the cave of the morlocks when Dr. Alexander Hartdegen meets with the Über-Morlock, the morlock-boss tells him that he can’t save his wife, because if his wife wont die, then he wont be inspired to build the time machine, and if the time machine was never built, then Alex would not have taken the cure from VOX-44, thereby not saving his wife ……. thus creating a Temporal paradox (ie: ever repeating cycle of possibilities)

Now isn’t that something amazing. Read it again and understand it before moving ahead.

Now im guessing you have seen the TERMINATOR movies ? YES ? good .. 

let talk about that.

You remember Arnie from the first movie, the bad guy. He gets killed. In the 2nd movie its is shown that parts from 1st movie Arnie are used to help design SKYNET. You guys with me till here ?

Well once skynet is active it creates Arnie and sends him to the time period of the 1st movie. So basically Arnie was used to design skynet, but skynet designed Arnie? each is maker and creation? Then who made the original design ? This is exactly what is wrong with this movie!! ( T-2 ).

The same thing I noticed in the movie “Back to the future” where Biff Tannen find the 50-year sports almanac in the trash where doc throws it, travels back in time and gives it his younger self who uses it to gain wealth thus changing the future.

Now if the future has been changed and Biff is a rich man living in a castle, he would not be near the trash can(would there even be a trash can in the new future or a sports almanac) so there would be no way for the old Biff to get a hold of the Almanac and give it to his younger self, who would not make any money … thus the situation negates itself ..

In Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry is saved from the Dementors by a stag patronus. At that time, he thought it was his dead father’s spirit of some sort watching over him. After traveling back in time, he realizes he was the one who produced the patronus- after watching himself being attacked and seeing that no one had produced the stag patronus- he himself casts the spell, producing the stag patronus he had seen earlier. So Harry knew he could do something because he saw his past self do it ?who told the past self he could do it? DIDN’T anyone think this is weird ?

I DID !!

time paradoxes appear in many movies, including chronicles of riddick, matrix (remember Neo breaking the Vase in the oracles house) and so on and so forth.

Well I am not going to bother about time paradoxes, coz im jus gonna sit back enjoy the movie and popcorn, and leave you guys to worry about the time problem.





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