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An Indian woman who became a bride at the age of one has had her ‘marriage’ legally annulled in a ground-breaking legal case.

Laxmi Sargara, now 18, wed husband Rakesh when he was three, in the desert state of Rajasthan in northwestern India after their parents decided they should eventually start a family.

Although child marriages were officially outlawed in India in 1929, the practice is still common in many parts of the country, especially in poor rural communities.

Sargara only discovered she was married a few days ago when she was told she would be sent to live in her husband’s home this week.

She sought advice from a social worker who runs the children’s rights group Sarathi Trust

'I was unhappy about the marriage. I told my parents
 who did not agree with me, then I sought help. 
Now I am mentally relaxed and my family members 
are also with me.'

Just a few days back I had written about the SOCIAL EVIL of Child Marriages Prevalent in Many Developing Countries.

And this NEWS comes as a SILVER Lining on a DARK CLOUD of IGNORANCE.

Kudos to the People involved and More Power to Women’s Support Groups.

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INDIA : Hotbed of child marriages

I’m Writing this Article because TODAY was the 24th of APRIL 2012, and as per The HINDU CALENDAR today is known as AKSHAYA TRITIYA

Akshaya Tritiya, also known as Akha Teej is a Hindu and Jain holy day,
 that falls on the third Tithi (Lunar day) of Bright Half(Shukla
 Paksha) of the pan-Indian month of Vaishakha.

This DAY is considered AUSPICIOUS and is the most Famous / Chosen day for PERFORMING Child Marriages…

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You sound like a fucking retard and you dont know shit

YAY !! My first hate comment … 


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Is this the 1st White Honour Killing …in Britain.

Laura Wilson was just 17 years old — a happy but headstrong girl whose love story across the racial divide would have a tragic ending.

‘She was feisty — if she had anything to say she would speak out,’ her mother Margaret says, as she held a picture of a smiling, mischievous teenager.

Laura’s Asian boyfriend, Ashtiaq Ashgar, also 17, was born in Britain but when Laura challenged his family’s traditional cultural values by confronting them with details of their relationship, she had to be silenced. Read the rest of this entry »


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