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NASA’s guide to the universe

Nasa unveils incredible ‘Sky Atlas’ of half a BILLION stars after 14-year space telescope mission

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Birth of The Moon .. Yes moon not STAR

Ever taken a STROLL at night and looked up at the SKY.

Ever thought about the Moon up there, shining with a SILVERY glow, bathing you in its white light (which in turn was reflected from the SUN).

Must have looked like this :

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Cant AFFORD a machine ?? .. PRINT IT ..

Holy Cow …

Never thought this day would come .. All those years of watch science fiction movies and shows on TV, gasping in amazement at the advanced technology, especially the series AUTOMAN¬†and dreaming of owning something like ‘CURSOR’, who could create/generate anything you wanted out of nothing ..

Well the ‘powers that be’ have heard me at least .. this invention is a printer which can print solid objects in 3D, yes completely movable geared machine parts .. in a printer..even a rideable Bi-cycle¬† Read the rest of this entry »

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