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Libya bans religious parties from politics

Libya’s ruling National Transitional Council (NTC) has issued a new law that bans parties that are based on religious principles, the council spokesman said.

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YOU can FUCK the DEAD !!!! Hell YEAH …

That’s Right .. Boys and girls of all AGES .. If you get your kinks on with a lil bit of NECROPHILIA then this is the PERFECT POST for you … READ ON ..

The ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF EGYPT plans to pass a NEW LAW which will legalize NECROPHILIA . So you necrophiliacs should consider shifting to EGYPT and converting… Maybe you may get a go at CLEOPATRA. 

Necrophilia is the term given for SEX WITH DEAD PEOPLE aka CORPSES ..

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An Indian woman who became a bride at the age of one has had her ‘marriage’ legally annulled in a ground-breaking legal case.

Laxmi Sargara, now 18, wed husband Rakesh when he was three, in the desert state of Rajasthan in northwestern India after their parents decided they should eventually start a family.

Although child marriages were officially outlawed in India in 1929, the practice is still common in many parts of the country, especially in poor rural communities.

Sargara only discovered she was married a few days ago when she was told she would be sent to live in her husband’s home this week.

She sought advice from a social worker who runs the children’s rights group Sarathi Trust

'I was unhappy about the marriage. I told my parents
 who did not agree with me, then I sought help. 
Now I am mentally relaxed and my family members 
are also with me.'

Just a few days back I had written about the SOCIAL EVIL of Child Marriages Prevalent in Many Developing Countries.

And this NEWS comes as a SILVER Lining on a DARK CLOUD of IGNORANCE.

Kudos to the People involved and More Power to Women’s Support Groups.

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Britain not only a bitch .. but A DUMB one at that ..

I know I may offend many of the BRITS who VISIT this Blog

but I’m talking about your own safety when I say this :

"Is it wise to SHELTER a Known
 Terrorist, who is wanted in his 
home country for a BOMB BLAST, 
was Kicked out by FRANCE, 
in UK for 11 years?"

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In case any of you were wondering…

This is what a CAN OF WHOOP ASS looks like .. .

Made in AMERICA .. .. shipped all over the world… This current Package on ITS way to AFGHANISTAN …

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French Killer’s FAMILY — certified DIMWITS

The father of extremist gunman Mohamed Merah plans to sue the elite French police force which shot his son dead in a shootout last week, his lawyer said.

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Ban mini-skirts ‘because they make men do things’

Now who in their RIGHT MINDS would ban something like this : 

Indonesia is preparing to ban the mini-skirt under its tough anti-pornography laws ‘because they make men do things’.
The Muslim country’s powerful religious affairs minister said that one of the considerations in its review of what could be considered pornographic would be ‘when someone wears a skirt above the knee’.

What a BUNCH OF CRAP .. !! mini-skirts are not to be blamed.. ITS your OVERLY HORNY MALE Population who is to blame. 

Parliamentary speaker Marzuki Alle also recently hit out against the mini-skirt, but he targeted female politicians who chose to wear skirts above the knee.

Mr Alle said he was preparing draft rules banning female politicians and staff members from wearing mini-skirts because ‘there have been a lot of rape cases and other immoral acts recently and this is because women aren’t wearing appropriate clothes’.

Well if the RAPES don’t stop even after this BAN .. WHAT you IDIOTS plan on doing ?? Cut the ‘COJONES” off, off your HORNY MALES?

Rapes are rampant in Countries like IRAQ-IRAN-PAKISTAN-AFGHANISTAN etc etc .. where strict DRESS_CODE is followed… and I dont see how banning SKIRTS is going to STOP RAPES … till you have HORNY MEN desperate for SEX .. RAPES are going to Continue..

So instead of Stopping these MEN, With strict punishment.. the INDONESIAN Government in all its WISDOM decides to cover up the WOMEN .. WOW .. what a way to  protect WOMEN ….

If you ask me this is just another IMPLEMENTATION of Islamic Sharia Law. Dont understand why the Government needs to hide behind such a LAME excuse to enforce The Islamic Dress Code. 

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