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Temporal Distortion of the Night SKY …..

The Night sky as you have never seen before.,

This is not a trick, its more like pictures taken of the NIGHT SKY with special camera filter and edited into one BIG MOVIE .. Read the rest of this entry »


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Siri !!

After hours and hours of deliberation and still not coming up with a suitable topic for a post, I had finally resigned posting today and settled down to watch Re-runs of “SUPERNATURAL” … Dean and Sam are my favorite Ghost hunters.

That’s when I heard a faint ‘DING” from my laptop and knowing its an email, lazily went to check it.

Well it was a link from some websites I had signed up with and they wanted to share with me a video of SIRI in action   Read the rest of this entry »


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Hollywood needs to pull up its SOCKS !!

There is a reason why script writers are paid loads of monies.

To write a script which is more acceptable to the viewers, To be exciting and eye catching.

But then come the Villains. The producers, who demand various changes to an already perfect script.

Why do they do this, because they think We Are Producers, We make movies, we know best.

Well WAKE UP call Mr. Producer, you don’t know all.

Latest example : THE GREEN LANTERN ( starring Ryan Reynolds) Read the rest of this entry »

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