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Obi Wan CAT-nobi ..

Here’s a local STREET WAR … Star-Wars style. 

so fasten your seatbelts for the FIGHT OF THE CENTURY !!!


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I came upon this VIDEO on you-tube and I have no doubt in my mind that this is how WE ARE TO RECEIVE the Brave MEN and WOMEN who lay their lives on the LINE for us. I meant the enthusiasm .. not the jumping up and down.. slobbering and licking..

I myself have been under the Protection of British SAS troops while in Iraq, so this Video did bring back some good memories.

Anyways . have a look. Enjoy…

and this wasn’t the first time : here’s an Older WELCOME: 


Then I fail to understand how some PPL can hate dogs and poison them… 

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Dog canz Play !!

He PLAYS.. He SINGS… He Dances .. who is he ….

No No .. it’s not JUSTIN BEIBER ….

It’s this mutt here called PETU who apparently thinks he is Beethoven..

Video was uploaded by his owner known by the nickname “Ionnie9991”


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