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Libya bans religious parties from politics

Libya’s ruling National Transitional Council (NTC) has issued a new law that bans parties that are based on religious principles, the council spokesman said.

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Ban mini-skirts ‘because they make men do things’

Now who in their RIGHT MINDS would ban something like this : 

Indonesia is preparing to ban the mini-skirt under its tough anti-pornography laws ‘because they make men do things’.
The Muslim country’s powerful religious affairs minister said that one of the considerations in its review of what could be considered pornographic would be ‘when someone wears a skirt above the knee’.

What a BUNCH OF CRAP .. !! mini-skirts are not to be blamed.. ITS your OVERLY HORNY MALE Population who is to blame. 

Parliamentary speaker Marzuki Alle also recently hit out against the mini-skirt, but he targeted female politicians who chose to wear skirts above the knee.

Mr Alle said he was preparing draft rules banning female politicians and staff members from wearing mini-skirts because ‘there have been a lot of rape cases and other immoral acts recently and this is because women aren’t wearing appropriate clothes’.

Well if the RAPES don’t stop even after this BAN .. WHAT you IDIOTS plan on doing ?? Cut the ‘COJONES” off, off your HORNY MALES?

Rapes are rampant in Countries like IRAQ-IRAN-PAKISTAN-AFGHANISTAN etc etc .. where strict DRESS_CODE is followed… and I dont see how banning SKIRTS is going to STOP RAPES … till you have HORNY MEN desperate for SEX .. RAPES are going to Continue..

So instead of Stopping these MEN, With strict punishment.. the INDONESIAN Government in all its WISDOM decides to cover up the WOMEN .. WOW .. what a way to  protect WOMEN ….

If you ask me this is just another IMPLEMENTATION of Islamic Sharia Law. Dont understand why the Government needs to hide behind such a LAME excuse to enforce The Islamic Dress Code. 

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Don’t BAN my STEAK !!!

Today when I woke, as is my daily routine I commenced reading of World events from the newspapers…call me old fashioned but I still need my DAILY PAPER in the morning along with my cuppa tea.

This is what angered me then: “Beef to become ILLEGAL in INDIAn states

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