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YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID..aka…Muslim inbreeding

AFGHANISTAN: A wanted Taliban Commander turns himself in to police, then demands $100 reward being offered for his capture.

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Afghan Camera Box

As I was in the throes of checking out new posts / videos.,

I came across this exceptional video called : “The AFGHAN Camera Box Project”

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A Dear John Letter to Afghans

Dear Afghans,

Over the past week, and in light of yet another one of your bloody hissy fits over the burning of some Qurans—which, before they were ever burned, were violated by Taliban prisoners who had written in them—we’ve come to this realization: It’s time for us to leave. Really, we’re done. This just isn’t going anywhere. You’re just never going to grow up. You have your way of doing things and we have ours. We love freedom, you love oppression. We believe in the peaceful exercising of religion, you like making anyone who doesn’t follow your brand of Islam your eternal and mortal enemy. We believe that even though people may be different, they can still peacefully coexist. You? You like stoning/beheading women, gays and apostates in town squares and throwing acid in the faces of school children. We’re just two separate and very different people, obviously. And that’s putting it mildly. Read the rest of this entry »

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