Feeling RUN-OVER

07 Mar

From the past 2 weeks I have been attending a special college in mumbai in order to be eligible for a promotion at work.
Now let me tell you, attending lectures and studying lessons in law and finance and insurance maybe a cake walk when you are young and fresh out of high school, but when you 30+ years old. ?It just doesn’t feel right.
Gone are the good ol days when one was promoted on the basis of experience and merit, nowadays all that they look at is your certificates. Even if I don’t know what I am supposed to learn in these so called upgradation classes, as long as I have the documents I am deemed fit for the job.
The worst is yet to come, after 12 years of office life, travelling on potholed roads in rickety old buses/cars has certainly done a number on my body, the same body which was so used to sitting at a desk with an awesome chair with superior lumbar support, in an air conditioned office, was now being forced to beat the brunt of MUMBAI’S unforgiving heat and pollution.
And finally yesterday my body gave up, this body developed fever and experienced pain in all and every appendage. The pain came first, the fever later…
Well the pain came first, so I get me a masseuse to come over to my place for a body massage, thinking my muscles need relaxing (they are after all SHELTERED under all that fat), so I call my regular girl from the local SUKHO THAI place and have her come over at 2200 hrs, and like magic at sharp 2159 she’s there at my doorstep.
She’s a sweet girl and mind you doesn’t involve in any nefarious activities (incase some of you readers might have that thought) well she starts with my back and neck area as those are my most problematic spots…. The first drops of hot oil that she dropped on my back actually gave me a jolt and a heavy serving of goose-bumps. I felt the heat seep into my flesh, my body begged for more, she dug her fingers into the oil and pressed them deep into my back, she likes to do that, I like it too, something called DEEP TISSUE RUB, although that sounds more like a lamb roasting technique.
With every drop of oil giving me a feeling of Bliss and every nerve on my back tingling under the pressure of her fingers I could feel the pain and stress drain away from my body, but alas it was not to be. The instant she moved to my legs the pain in my back returned, this time with a VENGEANCE!
NOT to be outdone the sudden blood rush to my head gave me a throbbing headache, some of you may refer to this as a migraine, I asked her to massage my head, I think she uses JOJOBA oil for the head. .But whatever it is it served is purpose, I felt the blood drain away from my head under the pressure of get nimble fingers, my head had stopped throbbing, and I felt myself drown into sleep, but man I just couldn’t catch a break, the moment she stopped the pain returned, my body and head felt like I HAD BEEN RUN OVER by a 1000 mopeds. Raped by a 1000 angry dragon flies .. I have no idea why I used that metaphor.
             Only after she left that I realised that this pain was not stress or age catching upto me, I was sick and I felt the fever coming on,  I wasn’t old or weak,  I was just sick,  I had nothing to worry about, I was still as young and agile add the day I joined work 12 years ago, age war just a number, sickness was no indicator of old age, I was so happy, so relieved,  I called up mom and asked if she could come over the next day (who else would take care of me in my sickness), the girl friend is busy with her job and I need a full time care taker when I’m ill.

So here I am on my bed, under a blanket, with my laptop typing this post here hoping this sickness leaves me soon, so I can once again enjoy My YOUTH!

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