27 Mar

I don’t know why !!

Weird title ain’t it ..
Well it explains my current state of mind !!

I don’t know :

Why is my country so corrupt?

Why in a multi million dollar economy, children still go to sleep hungry ?

Why in a land of PLENTY, ppl are dying of starvation?

Why politicians wield so much power that even after beating up a Cop in full public view .. The COP is SUSPENDED?

Why roads and railway are in such bad state that driving on them Is like OFFROADING ??

Why FUEL (including cooking gas) is so expensive ?? When we ourselves are exporting it ??

Why WOMEN are raped and left on the road to die like animals ??

Why some Indians wanna bemoan the fact that I stand up and write for what I believe in ??

Why religion plays such a major role that political parties exploit religion to gain power ?!

Why the rich are getting Richer and politicians are swimming in a pool of money .. But the common man has to sleep on the pavements !??

Why children staying in state HOMES are molested and abused ?? Why doesn’t anyone check on them ??

Why does ASARAM BAPU get to waste tankers of water for HOLI but farmers in Maharashtra face SEVERE DROUGHT ??

Why Indians in MAHARASHTRA don’t think of donating water to the drought region instead of adding color to it and spraying it in each other eventually leading to the water going down the gutters ??

Why Indian politicians create a ruckus in RAJYA SABHA, fighting for the cause of Tamils in SRI LANKA … When the state of INDIANS IN INDIA is worse ???

Why are we so STUPID that a measly country like PAKISTAN can infiltrate our borders and kill hundreds of INDIANS ??

Why does it take decades for court cases to get solved ??

Why it took a decade to hang KASAB and AFZAL GURU ??

Why … Why … Why …

The list is endless .. I cud stay up all night and day and still I’ll be complaining ..
Yes I like To complain .. What else can I do ??
Where can I take my grievances ??

How is it that in a country if a BILLION people we don’t hv even 200 honest people who are elected to PARLIAMENT ??

WHY don’t we have certain qualification requirement for elected officials ??

How come thugs and goons get to stand for elections ??

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Posted by on March 27, 2013 in india, Life, Rants


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