Asaram Bapu … FOOL in Disguise

26 Mar

Good Day,

Ladies and Gentlemen … including dear reader Parth from Delhi ..

I wanted to write this BLOG to show the world .. what a LAND of ASSHOLES, India is .

As most will know .. the State of Maharashtra is facing the worst DROUGHT in AGES.. 

Read about the Drought : here , here , OR , HERE 





The ABOVE images are enough to bring TEARS to anyones eyes .. Everyone is suffering .. childred, women, the elderly, men .. everyone .. animals included

So what am I ranting about ?? Well im Ranting about a so called GOD MAN .. who has no REGARD for humans or their suffering. A GOD MAN who only cares about his own followers and their enjoyment .. but shows total DISREGARD to the above SITUATION ??

Now, you will ask how do I know that he has shown total DISREGARD ?? What am I basing this Opinion of mine upon ??

Well recently this so-called GOD MAN had a get-together arranged for his devotees, now 6 hrs away from the DROUGHT affected region.

So ?? So what if he has a Get-together?? Whats wrong with that?? ….. ahhhh !! but its not just the Get-together…

Since the Indian Festivals of Colours (HOLI) is upon us .. Mr. God Man himself decided that he is gonna have one HELLUVAH of a HOLI bash …. and decided to shower his Followers WITH COLORED WATER.

this water was delivered by WATER TANKERS and Sprayed on the crowd below the DIAS, this same water could have been diverted to drought areas .. atleast the ppl there would hv appreciated it …

check out the pics below :

asaram-bapu-nagpur he had the AUDACITY to say : I DIDNT WASTE WATER... so what the HELL were you doing ? IDIOT !!


AND you call urself a GOD MAN ..
 YOU are no GOD MAN .. 
you are just a ROGUE in Saints clothing .. 

How dare you call yourself a GOD and then turn a BLIND eye to the Suffering of the POOR …but spend money for your follower’s PARTIES, just because your Devotees donate money to you and the POOR have nothing to offer ..

Read about ASARAM BAPU’s foolish , idiotic, and downright Disgusing show..

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