Jihadi bombs Arizona Social Security office with IED

04 Dec

Living in Anglo-America



France’s homegrown terror threat: Merah’s sister ‘proud’ of her brother’s murders




A YOUNG man tried to stab his brother to death for insulting a Muslim prophet, a court has heard.

Safaa Allami, 22, is accused of attempting to murder his older brother Ali Allami during a row at their Cloverdale home in Perth’s eastern suburbs.

Ali Allami was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries, prosecutor Nicholas Cogin said.

It is claimed he was stabbed seven times in the chest, back and flank, suffering a pierced liver and kidney that could have cost him his life.

A Supreme Court jury heard on Monday that Safaa Allami left the family home shortly after the stabbing on October 12, 2010, before police arrived.

Mr Cogin said he went to the home of his friend Elyas Ali, his clothes stained with his brother’s blood, and was recorded confessing to…

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Posted by on December 4, 2012 in Rants


2 responses to “Jihadi bombs Arizona Social Security office with IED

  1. Bikramjit Singh Mann

    December 4, 2012 at 14:46

    sad.. and this happens when NO Religion teaches murder of innocents

    • mack

      December 4, 2012 at 18:18

      actually islam does


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