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26 Apr

Please allow me to Introduce “SURF EASY”.

It’s a tool which will help you maintain your privacy on the Internet no matter where you are or which computer you are using.

I kid you NOT !! that small USB like thing you see in the picture is “SURF EASY” 

Yes it is small, Yes it is a USB pen drive… YES it is better than US MARSHAL at keeping you UNKNOWN !!!

Here is a small VIDEO to explain how it works.

[vimeo width=600 & height=400]

The USB key itself contains a specialized hardware solution that runs about 3 times faster and last 10 times longer than a standard USB drive.  This is important for SurfEasy, since the key holds your own personal web browser and internet connection encryption software.  Since everything runs from the SurfEasy key (never on the computer) it’s important that the key is as fast and durable as possible.  We expect your SurfEasy key to last over 3.5 years with daily use

In January 2012 I made something like this myself, It was LINUX based and was working on TOR, (without any prior knowledge of SURF EASY)

It maintained my privacy the way I wanted it to, but it did not have the SSL secure features of SURF EASY, pretty sure I can get it in there some how.

I sold some of these for as less as 15$, but to make one of these you need to hv some kinda TECHNICAL KNOW HOW.

If you are not Technically Inclined or are just too LAZYGo here to get yourself one of these babies (“Surf EASY” .. not my hp pendrive) 🙂

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