Honor Killing — It’s BACK ….

25 Apr

Yes, that’s correct HONOR KILLING a rampant Social Evil in many THIRD WORLD countries and migrated to Developed countries by IMMIGRANTS has raised its UGLY HEAD once again … and a 19 year old GIRL paid for it with her LIFE ….

This time it has happened in THE BUSTLING METROPOLITAN CITY ——- BOMBAY !! The FINANCIAL capital of INDIA ..

The Victim was 19 year old Tabassum Khatun, who was killed after her FATHER caught her RED HANDED meeting and talking to 21 year old IMRAN KHAN who was of a LOWER CASTE in the middle of the night (the BOY was a paying guest in the HOUSE), they had expressed a desire to GET MARRIED following which the FATHER of the girl MOHAMMAD KITABUDDIN ABDUL, fell into a fit of RAGE and killed the girl BY BASHING HER HEAD against the WALL till she fell unconscious and DIED.

It is very clear from the names of the victims that they are MUSLIMS and are followers of the Arabian Religion of ISLAM. And such stories are Very-Very-Very common in the MUSLIM WORLD.

But wait that is not the end of it, this has happened in INDIA, and India is not a Muslim Country, so what is the co-relation between the two …..

HONOR KILLING is rampant in INDIA not just among the MUSLIMS but also among the Hindus. Mostly Hindus of North India namely states like HARYANA.. UP .. BIHAR etc …

Haryana specially has something known as a KHAP PANCHAYAT ( the court of ELDERS ), these Khap Panchayats have commissioned Numerous Honor Killings, Normally by the girls family if it is PERCEIVED that the GIRL’s love with a BOY will bring SHAME to the family name, normally due to perceived SOCIO-ECONOMIC STANDINGS.

It is not something NEW and definitely not going to go away very SOON. The Khap Panchayats are NOT based on the HINDU religion. These bodies are based on LOCAL TRADITIONS.

While in the case of ISLAM, I don’t understand what is wrong with them, How can some STUPID family Name be valued Higher than HUMAN LIFE. They have just got the WHOLE THING MESSED UP.

Human Life was created by GOD out of LOVE, You can’t just go around KILLING humans for any of the STUPID reason you follow … I mention a few :

1. Kafir ( INFIDEL )…. being Infidel does not give you the right to KILL me.

2. Honor .

3. Life Style Choices … ( They killed kids in IRAQ for dressing up like EMOs )

4. Adultery ( an ISLAMIC man can have 4 wives and countless concubines,,, but An Islamic woman can’t even show her FACE to another man lest she be whipped or killed for ADULTERY).

5. Studying ( Taliban and Boko Haram militants have bombed Girl’s Schools because Girl’s are not allowed to study)

There are many such examples from REAL life, about how Religion is coming in the way of HUMANITY’s EVOLUTION to the next LEVEL. 


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4 responses to “Honor Killing — It’s BACK ….

  1. Bikramjit Singh Mann

    April 25, 2012 at 14:08

    This has continued from centuries and WIll continue .. no matter what we say how educated or civilized we are .. Religion has always been used to kill people.. the wars and battles have not killed that many as RELIGION has … most wars were fought because of religion .. in modern time too all bloodshed end of the day has one reason religion …
    sad but truth and yet we say religion does not teach bloodshed.. WELL what else does it teach cause obviously we are not listening to that never have , never will

    • mack

      April 25, 2012 at 14:24

      I actually felt Sorry for this GIRL .. she did not deserve to have her SKULL bashed in .. .In the LAND which bears WITNESS to the Ultimate symbol of LOVE “The TAJ MAHAL” … loosing ones life for that same LOVE is Disgusting.

  2. Emergingtruth

    April 25, 2012 at 20:46

    The worst thing about these honor killings is they happen within families, the basic unit social unit within humanity, as it’s fathers killing their children because they catch their children being human. These fathers have to realize there are other ways of correcting their children than killing them before they have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and be human.

    • mack

      April 25, 2012 at 21:42

      Falling in LOVE is no CRIME ..

      Its unfortunate that Certain people under the influence of Religious Doctrines deny their CHILDREN the basic human rights ..


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