YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID..aka…Muslim inbreeding

18 Apr

AFGHANISTAN: A wanted Taliban Commander turns himself in to police, then demands $100 reward being offered for his capture.

Mohammad Ashan, a mid-level Taliban commander in Paktika province, strolled toward a police checkpoint in the district of Sar Howza with a wanted poster bearing his own face. He demanded the finder’s fee referenced on the poster: $100.

“We asked him, ‘Is this you?’ Mohammad Ashan answered with an incredible amount of enthusiasm, ‘Yes, yes, that’s me! Can I get my award now?’” recalled SPC Matthew Baker.

A biometric scan confirmed that the man in Afghan custody was the insurgent they had been looking for.

“This guy is the Taliban equivalent of the ‘Home Alone” burglars,” one U.S. official said.

Now this is what I call Dumb-assed Taliban fighters ..

And SINCE in-breeding is rampant in the MUSLIM world .. then yes this SOB must be the result of thousands years of IN-BREEDING between mis-guided Individuals of the Afghan province following the commandment of the ISLAM religion … either that or this IDIOT was the Product of the UNHOLY union between man and GOAT …  YES there has been a FATWA in one of the Islamic Countries where the IMAM has outlined the PROCEDURE for having SEX with ANIMALS ..



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26 responses to “YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID..aka…Muslim inbreeding

  1. dana

    April 18, 2012 at 13:22

    As someone who has lived in a Muslim country for 17 years I am deeply offended by your post. Islam does not preach inbreeding or sex with animals (there’s crazy, delusional muslims just as there are crazy and delusional people in any religion). Inbreeding is not rampant in the Arab world and I suggest you learn about other cultures before making sweeping generalisations about them.

    • mack

      April 18, 2012 at 13:50

      Hey girl,
      Dont diss me for this post. I mean the fatwa on SEX with animals was ISSUED by the Late AYATOLLAH khomeni. ( )

      As per In-breeding : read the following articles … I have written nothin on my own .. its all after reading real life incident & articles by renowned professors ..

      and read this too ::

      just this justify my words ?> or do I need to do some more … My neighbour is muslim and he is married to the daughter of his mothers brother … whatcha gonna saya bout that ?
      (inbreeding doesnt always mean that mother-son or brother-sister hvng sex … it also includes first and second cousins … coz half of your genes are same …

      • dana

        April 18, 2012 at 15:34

        A few articles on inbreeding in the middle east does not mean it is ‘rampant’. I won’t deny there are incidents of people marrying cousins, etc. But this is more of a cultural thing than a muslim thing (Arab people of other religions do this too)- it is also a dying practice and mostly frowned upon.

        But for you to assume that Ashan’s stupidity is a result of inbreeding is presuming that all Arabs engage in it. This is not the case.

        • mack

          April 18, 2012 at 15:57

          Dana I would like to REQUEST you to read the link I have posted from the webpage

          Kindly next time read the links before you shoot off another rant. the Website gives the level of inbreeding at above 40% even in Non-Arab muslim countries .. I believe what I read.
          They may be a few articles but the numbers they provide is Horrifying.

          Numbers matter ..

          • dana

            April 18, 2012 at 16:29

            I did look at the article but it is nevertheless irrelevant to what I’m trying to say. I cannot speak for Pakistan and its significantly high rates of inbred marriages (I have no idea who marries whom there) but what I do know is that to assume that one man’s stupidity must be a result of inbreeding (simply because you’ve read a few articles about inbreeding in Muslim communities) is generalising and stereotyping.

            I appreciate you “believing what you read”, but you should do this with caution. I also believe what I see and as far as I know I have never denied that there are cases of it throughout the Arab world. I think it would make an interesting article to pursue the causes and consequences of inbred marriage in some Arab communities and why it is practiced but that is for another post. I am not condoning inbred marriages- quite the opposite. But what upsets me is that immediately link Ashan and his actions with inbreeding simply because he is muslim.

            • mack

              April 18, 2012 at 16:45

              Agreeable ..
              but my Linking of ASHAN with inbred idiots is because he is from AFGHANISTAN .. they are like the most backward countries in the world .. if neighboring pakistan has inbred population of 70% … by comparison Afghanistan has a much much higher PERCENTAGE .. him being muslim is just a perky co-incidence

              Why do u think the percentage is so high in these 2 countries .. is it because of local traditions and not ISLAM .. If ISLAM prohibits such things , Dana please tell me doesn’t that make the 70-80% of the inbred SINNERS in the eyes of ALLAH .. doesn’t that make even the minority 30% SINNERS ?

              The taliban are so adamant on enforcing SHARIA why hasn’t this practise been banned… ? Child marriages are rampant in muslims countries .. why hasn’t it been banned yet? y is it not punishable by death .. but if the KIDS wanna dress up modern (ie : emo) they are thrown from roofs and killed in IRAQ ? ?

              Bloody Double standards dont you think DANA ?

              • dana

                April 18, 2012 at 16:56

                I definitely agree with you on the double standards of how some people/muslims interpret religion in such a way to condone their beliefs. You’re right- inbreeding should be considered a sin but isn’t because there’s too many people misinterpreting religion to continue outdated cultural practices.

                I don’t agree with the Taliban or Sharia laws, because in my opinion, they are human constructed laws that I don’t think adequately represent how Islam should operate in today’s world. I know many many Muslims and non-Muslim Arabs who agree that child marriage is wrong, inbred relationships are wrong, etc. I don’t think you are incorrect in thinking that some acts are inhumane and unjust. But please, please, don’t generalise the entire Arab/muslim community based on the views of those muslims in power who manipulate religion for personal gain.

                There are many good muslims in the world who mind their own business and get on with practicing religion without having inbred relationships/sex with animals/marrying off children, etc.

                • mack

                  April 18, 2012 at 17:08

                  I just referred to practices that majority of the population of countries like afghanistan / pakistan / egypt / jordan / kuwait etc follow.

                  No disrespect to the minority percentile who despise it. they stuck in a rut of man-made religious dogmas …

                  As for us INFIDELS, the ISLAM we know is the one that is practised by the majority of muslims .. not the minority .. coz that is what we see ..

                  In thailand, Arabs coming for Sex-tourism, want to screw sex-workers but cant, coz it is HARAM … so the Maulana in Thailand does QUICK – Short Term NIKKAH between ARAB men and Sex workers … which enables the men to have sex without guilt or sinning .. Later they ‘TALAQ’ the women and move on to the next one ..

                  Thats the ISLAM I see .. the ISLAM we see .. The ISLAM we know .. happenes in INDIA / PAKISTAN too

                  • dana

                    April 18, 2012 at 17:26

                    It’s not the majority, though. It only seems like it is because stories about muslims who sit around and don’t practice extremist ideals don’t make a good story. The problem is the with so many devout religious people, religious leaders have so much power and influence, and if a few use this badly, it influences and affects many. Rewriting the word of God and using religion for personal gain are bigger sins for muslims than the adultery you described.
                    This is the worrying double standard.

                    In Egypt, the Salafist (extreme rightist religious minority) are encouraging voters by proclaiming they will go to heaven if they do. That is the manipulative double standard that you see. That is not what true muslims believe in any case.

                    Mostly, Islam is practiced peacefully. It is the minority you are referring to here.

                    • mack

                      April 18, 2012 at 18:11

                      This leads me to just one question .. Are you a follower of ISLAM urself or do you just sympathise with ISLAM … u do seem to feel a lot for ISLAM /.. and claim to be against Radicalization of ISLAM .

                    • dana

                      April 18, 2012 at 18:18

                      I’m not religious or follower. But I do sympathise for Islam because being around so many good muslims for so long it does upset me to see how tainted their reputation has become because of extremists.

                    • mack

                      April 19, 2012 at 01:46

                      The outlook of the general public depends upon the behaviour of the Majority not the Minority.
                      The majority of Muslims especially in muslims countries is very un-receptive towards outsiders.

                      Christians are not allowed to build churches in Saudi Arabia.. or pray to their GOD ..
                      No other religion except Islam is allowed to flourish in the Arabian Peninsula .. U cant even have a picture of your GOD in Saudi .. ask the HINDUS .. they are fined and sometimes jailed for as much hvng a picture of Lord Ganesha in their Wallets .. I know coz It has happened to my colleague.

                      My friend had an accident while we were in Saudi (on business), and he was rushed to the nearby hospital .. where he was refused treatment coz that hospital was only for muslims .. he had to be taken to another hospital 1 hr away for treatment ..

                      That is why They are hated .. coz in their countries .. we are treated like Second Grade citizens .. but when they come to our countries .. they expect to be treated like equals .. human rights hv no meaning in ISLAMIC countries.

                      My dad was posted in Kuwait .. he was in a local shop when some Arab Women arrived there .. My dad was asked to leave the premises .. just because the Local Arab women saw him as an INFIDEL .. an outsider .. someone NON HUMAN ..

                      So dana .. hvng a few muslims living a quiet life does not make the entire population friendly ..
                      you should read the absurd rules they hv in DUBAI regards drinking of water during the holy month of RAMADAN .. I have written about it .. tell me after you read that .. is it FAIR for outsiders in DUBAI >> ?? What if I am hvng a heat stroke ? I should not drink any water ? .. water is the basis of life .. who the hell are these ppl to tell me I cant DRINK water .. ?>

                    • Dana

                      April 19, 2012 at 03:09

                      I’m not advocating some of ridiculous laws they have in Saudi; I am probably as anti-Saudi Arabia as you are. As a woman especially I find it extremely difficult to understand why their laws aren’t exposed more often by humanitarian activists. But just because the laws are imposed doesn’t mean everyone there necessarily agrees with them.

                      Can you please link me to your article on Dubai?

                      The difficulty with non-Arabs visiting Arab countries is knowing where to go. There will (unfortunately) be places where people are more narrow minded and ignorant about the West than others.

                      When I lived in Egypt and I had both Egyptian and Western friends who lived there and none of them ever reported any racism towards them as they were European/American. I obviously can’t speak for all countries and as an Arab its upsetting to see so many narrow minded people but like I said earlier, please don’t generalise. Not all Arabs/muslims are like that. Feel free to assume its the majority/minority as you wish, as there’s no clear way to provide statistical data on how many Arabs are anti-West and so no real way of showing that perhaps extremism isn’t as prevalent as you believe it to be.

                      In all nations and cultures you are bound to find some degree of ignorance. It’s nothing new.

                      I am not essentially disagreeing with you, but I don’t want you to assume all Arabs are like that. In the community I lived there were very very few people like that, and it may be different for other parts of the Arab peninsula, but at least my experience is a testament to the fact that there is a strong community of non-West hating arabs/muslims.

                    • mack

                      April 19, 2012 at 03:42

                      Well I was a lil surprised that you were still online .. its almost like what 2200 hrs over there ?

                      anyways back to topic .. yes non west hating .. yes there are muslims like that .. but can you show me a single muslim who has said that the teachings of the maulanas / imams are wrong coz these fatwas go against HUMAN RIGHTS .. ??

                      for the dubai article just search for dubai in the search box on the top right hand side ..

                      next article is for you … plz read it .. will post in in a day or two … I hv been witness to so many atrocities and inhumane acts .. that the good actions of a few Muslims is not going to wash away the sins being committed in the name of ALLAH .

                  • Dana

                    April 19, 2012 at 13:07

                    I’m a student, writing essays, I have odd hours.
                    There are some definite bad muslims. I can’t particularly link you to any sites (I base my argument not on websites and articles but experience) but yes there are many who disagree with the way Islam is preached. As an example, you can look at the backlash the Muslim Brotherhood has received from liberals in their attempts to put a presidential candidate forward. I am in no way saying that the Brotherhood do not have their supporters- and they manipulate God fearing voters into choosing them- all of this is wrong but prevalent. But instead of just labelling all muslims and Arabs as horrible people, more emphasis needs to placed on the causes of these things, why its happening, and how we can push for a way forward instead of hating on all Arabs.
                    Because I’m an arab and I don’t engage in ANY of the practices you mentioned above. I won’t stop you from drinking water, engage in sex-tourism, inbreeding, anything. But from your initial post I felt you were including all Arabs in your comment and that’s why it’s personally offensive.

                    • mack

                      April 19, 2012 at 17:24

                      Dana darling… my post said Muslims … not Arabs …
                      all Arabs are not Muslims and all Muslims are not Arabs ..

                      you yourself said you are neither religious nor Muslim … so why u went on the defense is very unclear … tell me dana hv u been witness to a terrorist attack perpetuated by RADICAL ISLAMISTS ???
                      Have you lost someone u knew at the hands of men shouting “ALLAH HU AKBAR” AND FIRING AUTOMATIC guns randomly. ? ?

                      my beef is with the ISLAM where it is legal to kill ppl of other religions .. the ISLAM where women are denied education, the Islam where I am referred to as the sons of pigs and apes by imams in the friday prayers …

                      The day islamic men stop suicide bombings and killing nd murdering civilians in the name of ALLAH …
                      I will come kiss every1 of them

                    • Dana

                      April 19, 2012 at 18:45

                      It is completely fine to be against radical Islam. I’m against radical Islam. Most sane people are. Most radical anything is negative.
                      Why I was defensive is that you referred to the ‘muslim world’. I lived in it, even if I can’t be considered muslim. I was and am part of that society.

                      I am happy for you to go on rants about radical Islamists, unhumanitarian acts, etc. Just please specify in your posts this is radical Islam (because the rest of the good muslims and arabs don’t need any more undeserved negative press)

                      I’m not saying you personally believe all muslims/arabs are this way, but that’s what you implied. So just be a bit more careful when you post that you’re not offending people who haven’t done any wrong. That’s all.

                    • mack

                      April 20, 2012 at 22:39

                      hi DANA … as promised here is a SWEET WAKE up CALL for you //….


                    • Dana

                      April 21, 2012 at 05:14

                      link doesn’t work

                    • mack

                      April 22, 2012 at 21:38

                      Sorry … Will get on it ASAP …:(

    • mack

      April 18, 2012 at 13:55

      BTW DANA which muslim country did you claim to have lived for the past 17 years ????????

    • mack

      April 18, 2012 at 16:02

      Besides If 70% if pakistan is INBRED then what do you call it ? a rampant practice or something practised by minorities … ??

      70% definitely is no minority.
      its 30% for turkish

      Statistical research on Arabic countries shows that up to:
      34 percent of all marriages in Algiers are consanguine (blood related),
      46 percent in Bahrain,
      33 percent in Egypt,
      80 percent in Nubia (southern area in Egypt),
      60 percent in Iraq,
      64 percent in Jordan,
      64 percent in Kuwait,
      42 percent in Lebanon,
      48 percent in Libya,
      47 percent in Mauritania,
      54 percent in Qatar,
      67 percent in Saudi Arabia,
      63 percent in Sudan,
      40 percent in Syria,
      39 percent in Tunisia,
      54 percent in the United Arabic Emirates
      and 45 percent in Yemen

  2. The Mindset

    April 20, 2012 at 10:16

    This remind of a post that i wrote a while ago:Why Muslims are so stupid ? .
    This article was published in Danish because the Danes are not allowed to write anything against musloids.

    • mack

      April 20, 2012 at 22:07

      u wrote it in danish ?? amazing ……….

      • The Mindset

        April 21, 2012 at 09:58

        Nooooooo….my mistake. I wrote it in English, a Danish guy published in Danish.

        • mack

          April 22, 2012 at 21:37

          Lol. Kool …. 🙂


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