3000 miles to the gallon — PURE GENIUS.

14 Apr

Fuel prices all over are RISING at an ALARMING RATE… 

Everybody is worried about this .. except maybe Justin Beiber who drives and electric car.

So what DO WE DO ?

Here’s one answer  – a vehicle that does a whopping 3000 mpg. (US) … its equivalent to 584 mpg(UK)….. OR 1273 km /litre INDIA…

Called the Lamina – it was built by a team of engineers from the California Polytechnic State University for this year’s Shell Eco-Marathon held in Houston, Texas.

The downside, however, is that there’s only room for the driver.

watch the VIDEO at the end of this post. Now at almost 600 miles to the GALLON .. I want this bad-boy …. Only problem is how do I take my DATE along ??

Where’s SHE gonna sit ? Even though she aint no SELENA GOMEZ (who gets a lift in Justin’s Electric Sports Car), I still need to take my BABE with me ..

It’s powered by a modified Honda generator and can hit 12 mph flat-out. Its low fuel consumption is partly achieved by coasting.

In posts to National Geographic’s ‘The Great Energy Challenge’ blog, driver Ann Peters reported that, with the Lamina ‘we aimed to combine sleek aerodynamic shapes with ergonomic design in order to minimize weight’.

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