Can Drink No WATER in DUBAI !!

07 Apr

Well I didn’t know about this, but when I came to know about it today, I was pretty pissed off ..

Apparently, One is not 
allowed to DRINK water
 in The EMIRATES of 
DUBAI during the 
Islamic month of RAMADAN ...

Even NON MUSLIMS ……. that is SOME Serious BULL-SHIT

Well this RULE applies to ALL PEOPLE in DUBAI… You cant drink WATER or MUNCH on anything while you are out in public.. eg: on the road, in the bus, in a TAXI, in the METRO, on the beach, in the MALL.

If you are caught doing such activities they LEVY a HEAVY fine on you and even threaten to PUT YOUR ARSE in JAIL.

REASON : Well the BELIEVERS ( Muslims ) are fasting and WE ( Non-Believers / KAFIRS ) by drinking water or munching on anything in public cause the MUSLIMS to be tempted and Break their FAST..

What a BUNCH of BULL.. you mean to tell me that I can DIE of Thirst if I am poor enuf to not be able to AFFORD to ride in a PRIVATE CAR .. and in the HOT DESERT AIR, I cant drink water to QUENCH my thirst? Just because some WEAK HEARTED ARAB will be tempted to drink water if he sees me doing it?

The CHRISTIANS also have the month of LENT where they fast or Abstain from SUN-UP to SUN-DOWN … I’ve been to Rome and Mind you NO-ONE stopped me from eating or drinking anything anywhere… during the season of LENT ..

Thats the Difference between the Muslims and EVERY OTHER Religion on EARTH… the MUSLIMS like to show off whenever they are either FASTING (RAMADAN) or MOURNING (Muharram) .. They like to make a big scene out of it and also IMPOSE THEIR LAW on others .. ( PLZ GOOGLE ‘Muharram Pics’ .. You will know what I talk about)…

Other Religions encourage you to PRAY to your LORD in your heart .. ESP Christianity.. . Jesus said… if you fast dont let anyone know you are fasting .. if you lend ALMS dont let your left hand know what your right hand is doing….

After hearing this… I will make SURE I never step foot in DUBAI during any ISLAMIC FESTIVAL .. who knows what ABSURD LAW will be in force and I don’t want to LEND UP BEHIND BARS in an Islamic Country .. I HEAR THEM ARABS like to Rape Boys


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2 responses to “Can Drink No WATER in DUBAI !!

  1. kofegeek

    April 7, 2012 at 02:32

    I was grew up among Muslim society in Indonesia till I am 13. I have the same experience, the difference is, they are more tolerable to tourist., but it’s only work for some places in Indonesia. The other can be more worst.

    • mack

      April 7, 2012 at 02:52

      I am still LIVING next to muslims .. thankfully here they are a minority and so such non-sense is not TOLERATED .. I pity the poor De-Hydrated Non-muslim SOULS in the middle east


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