Bureaucracy —- Down the SHIT-HOLE .

05 Apr

This is from my personal Experience TODAY ..

I was actually FRUSTRATED/ANGRY/MIND-F@CKED with the way the INDIAN BUREAUCRACY works…

The incident which caused this melt down:

I was supposed to receive this VERY important work related document which is issued by THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA.

As is the RITUAL, I applied for this document in the first week of FEBRUARY 2012, the application was accepted on the 13th of FEB 2012…(yeah it took that long). Later, I was informed that the signed document would be arriving by POST at my RESIDENCE, latest by the 19th of MARCH 2012 (yeah it takes that long).

SO I WAITED .. AND WAITED .. AND WAITED .. till I could wait no more..

It was the 3rd of April and I still haven’t received the DOCUMENT, plus by checking the online database I found out that applications tendered weeks after mine, had been received by their respective OWNERS.

This RILED ME UP NO LESS .. So I go to the Government Office at 1000 hrs LT (normal opening hrs) and stand in Queue for 35 minutes and demand an Explanation. I got it in the form as follows ” Plz go and ask the MAILING department as they are incharge of mailing it to you

So I haul my ass over to the Mailing department which is about 3 blocks down the road, Walk up to the 5th floor and ask them for an EXPLANATION.

On checking their records they informed me that the Document was ISSUED on the 21st of March 2012, so I should check back with the main OFFICE.

Once again I haul my ass over to the MAIN office, where after waiting in QUEUE for 45 minutes in 39 deg Celcius heat, I am allowed to go and PLEAD my case with the Incharge … (yes by now I had gone from DEMANDING to PLEADING.. It was hot .. humid and I was TIRED …)

Whereby he ordered an assistant to check their RECORDS for my Document.. but none were found (as to my document being received by them).

So once again I haul my WEARY ass over to the mailing Department, and PLEAD with them to search their Premises for my DOCUMENT. I was told to do it my self under SUPERVISION of some dude who sits at one of the Desks.

So I start shifting through heaps and piles of files and record books and what-not.. and found nothing, then I opened one of the Drawers at the Desk this dude was sitting at and lifted a few files out of it and …..LO AND BEHOLD there was the envelope with my name and address on it, with my DOCUMENT lying safely inside it.

They told me “Such things happen from time to time, ITS NORMAL. !!” 

DUDE You wasted 1 whole GOD DAMNED month of mine and my business suffered coz of that… Its NORMAL to forget to MAIL important Documents and then forget about it??


welcome to INDIA .. 


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4 responses to “Bureaucracy —- Down the SHIT-HOLE .

  1. Bikramjit Singh Mann

    April 5, 2012 at 14:25

    join the que my friend .. the line is very longgggggggggggg

    • mack

      April 5, 2012 at 14:38

      Am i PISSED OFF … I Incurred a LOSS of APPROX 4 lac rupees (approx 8000 usd) because of their stupid blunder… asses

      • Bikramjit Singh Mann

        April 5, 2012 at 15:08

        well you lost .. does not bother them .. I have a few stories tooo but i choose to forget them , as things are not going to change .. as this mentality is in our GENES now ..

        • mack

          April 5, 2012 at 15:16

          Theres a new post coming up … im sure you will like it .. im currently typing it out.


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