An Indian Muslims Perspective of PAKISTAN .

05 Apr

Recently I had the opportunity to have a few drinks with acquaintances of mine, they are Indians and they are MUSLIM.

I don’t judge the personal choices of a person (like drinking alcohol .. a TABOO in ISLAM), as I’m Not a very RELIGIOUS Person myself, the Relationship between Man & his God is his private affair and no1 needs to be in on it.

Now this Particular Acquaintance had brought along a friend of HIS. Well initially the conversation was aimed at normal day to day affairs of the COUNTRY and the WORLD, But with a few DRINKS down, the conversation steered towards RELIGION.

Well the Initial Spark was the ECONOMIC CRISIS in DUBAI .. and since UAE is ISLAMIC the topic naturally shifted to ISLAM. So while initially I was being briefed by the friend of my ACQUAINTANCE on the riches of the EMIRATES and their superior planning and advancement, it then shifted focus to IRAN AND IRAQ.

The next thing that this man said IRKED me no less.. he said he was in AWE of Prez Ahmadinejad of IRAN of sticking to his GUNS and Refusing to BOW DOWN to USA/NATO … I have no doubts about that .. Either that man had BALLS OF STEEL of he is jus a DUMB Prick.. but def not AWE-WORTHY

Then the Topic shifted to USA Foreign Policy, how america seems to forcefully insert itself into the AFFAIRS of MUSLIM Nations, They invaded Afghanistan – Iraq – bombed Libya – now have IRAN in their CROSS HAIRS,

He said: ” USA only attacks those nations where it HOPES to GAIN some kinda Leverage or Benefit ( oil etc)” 

“Where was USA he asked when 5 Lac Muslims were Killed in SERBIA by RUSSIAN forces which undoubtedly were Christian.? The number of People Killed in 9/11 and 26/11 are insignificant to the number of Muslims killed in SERBIA” . <— I don’t know what happened in SERBIA .. so I can’t comment. 

Finally he reached PAKISTAN ( all this time I was just Listening coz I Wanted him to continue with his blabbering rather than cut him off… I wanted the whole truth) ……… it is :

“Pakistan has balls, India has ZILCH.. India claims to have won the WARS with Pakistan, but then if that is the matter WHY is there a PAKISTAN OCCUPIED KASHMIR .. not an INDIA occupied PAKISTAN.” <– I wonder the same thing too

“According to him, an OFFICER in the Indian Army was quoted as saying that If India goes to WAR with our Vengeful neighbours, India would get its ASS handed to it… the reason being Indian soldiers fight coz they have no food to eat so they join the ARMY where everything is free for SOLDIERS… Pakistani Soldiers FIGHT coz they have “JUNOON” (a urdu word look it up) in them for their MotherLAND.”  <— what a bunch of crap.. Indian Soldiers FIGHT for their Country… soldiers of diff religions fight as one in INDIA.. Pak has a bunch of TODDLERS fighting in the name OF ISLAM.. thats no NATIONAL ARMY.. thats religious. and thus they hv support of TERRORISTS.

By now the topic had DEGENERATED into a RANT about the Superiority of ISLAM. 

Next observation : “ISLAMIC countries (namely PAKISTAN & BANGLADESH) PROSPER coz ISLAM lends money without INTEREST.. ” <— If ISLAMIC nations prosper why do they need to BORROW money in the FIRST place ?

“The Price of a Mercedes C200 in Bangladesh is 12 lac  ( 24000 usd) Indian Rupees while costing 30+ lacs in INDIA. Thus INDIAN Government is engaging in DAYLIGHT robbery of its own CITIZENS while BANGLADESH is encouraging it CITIZENS to move AHEAD” ..all thanks to ISLAM. <– again a bunch of CRAP.. World Bank puts 50% of Bangladesh Population below POVERTY line as compared to 28% for INDIA and 33% for Pakistan.  BTW a USED Mitsubishi Pajero costs approx 14 lac INR (28000 usd) , so no chances of getting brand new MERC for 24000 USD…

“People who take up arms like the Maoists in eastern INDIA and the ULFA in NE India are called Extremists and Seperatist Respectively but when a Muslim Takes up ARMS for the same REASON (separation of KASHMIR from INDIA) he is called TERRORISTS …  why ?”  <— Well atleast the Ulfa and the Maoists are people of INDIA who fight for their RIGHTS in INDIA. Kashmir has MUSLIMS from all over the WORLD coming in and WAGING WAR on the INDIAN state. Thats why they are called TERRORIST. Who asked Muslims from Afghanistan and Pakistan to fight for the RIGHTS of INDIAN Kashmiris?

the next time I meet HIM .. If you have any points to add 
plz tell me ....
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One response to “An Indian Muslims Perspective of PAKISTAN .

  1. coffeeandsleeplessnights

    April 6, 2012 at 09:55

    There are a lot of points I could make but I’d have to go thru a lot of my notes [wishing I had a photographic memory right now] and right now don’t have time. I will say this though – your friend is right about the U.S. not getting involved unless it benefits the U.S. But I will stress – the majority of Americans [myself included] do NOT support the involvement of our military in foreign countries unless there is a direct threat to our country.


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