French Killer INNOCENT …. claims LAWYER with PROOF

03 Apr

This is a follow up of my earlier post : French killer and family : DIMWITS ..

An Algerian lawyer said Monday that she has evidence the young man accused of killing seven people in attacks on French soldiers and a Jewish school claimed his innocence to police.

 Separately, France announced it was expelling several
 foreign Islamist extremists on its soil

Mohamed Merah, 23, was killed after a more than 30-hour standoff with police at his apartment in Toulouse after being identified as the suspect behind the killing spree last month. Authorities have said that during negotiations Merah claimed to have links to al-Qaida and confessed to the killings.

But Zahia Mokhtari, a lawyer for Merah’s Algerian father, told BFM television on Monday that she had two identical videos of Merah that contradict the police narrative. “In these videos, he says, ‘I am innocent. Why are you killing me? I didn’t do anything,'” she said.

IF this Son Of a Bitch (I’m sorry for the abuses,.. just couldn’t stop myself… I hate ppl who Abuse kids .. leave alone shooting a kid POINT BLANK) was innocent .. what the HELL was he doing with Guns in his APARTMENT and why did he FIRE at the POLICE? Isnt that why they shot his SORRY ASS down ?

Dont these people UNDERSTAND LOGIC ?

Are they so Demented that they will go to any extent to even DEFEND a Certifies Terrorist and a Nut Job? Wasn’t this Guy arrested in AFGHANISTAN? What was he doing there? VACATION ?? PICNIC ??

Read the whole report here ….

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