Britain not only a bitch .. but A DUMB one at that ..

03 Apr

I know I may offend many of the BRITS who VISIT this Blog

but I’m talking about your own safety when I say this :

"Is it wise to SHELTER a Known
 Terrorist, who is wanted in his 
home country for a BOMB BLAST, 
was Kicked out by FRANCE, 
in UK for 11 years?"

Plz someone tell me : IS IT WISE .. IS IT SAFE ? Just What the HELL was your GOVERNMENT thinking .. ? 

For a country like INDIA, people are used to it, the Condition of LIVING in some parts is so low, that People are willing to MURDER other MEN for a paltry sum of 100 USD. And with an EVER Exploding population, such unwanted elements coming in is NO BIG DEAL and FAR HARDER to TRACE, especially in villages which still DO NOT have ELECTRICITY.

I don’t think that’s the problem with BRITAIN too .. is it ?

Read the entire article here … 

Besides UK courts say they CAN’T KICK OUT a convicted Terrorist… coz it would impede his HUMAN RIGHTS .. tell me one thing .. What about the Human Rights of the PEOPLE he will cause to DIE AND SUFFER,

In my opinion UK should just follow the lead of SPAIN and FRANCE and give such People the BOOT .. DAMN the Euro JUDGES for talking about Human Rights … Human Rights belong to Humans, from which angle is a TERRORIST human ?


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