French Killer’s FAMILY — certified DIMWITS

31 Mar

The father of extremist gunman Mohamed Merah plans to sue the elite French police force which shot his son dead in a shootout last week, his lawyer said.

The legal action will not be taken against the French state “but against RAID (the elite police unit) who are responsible for the death of his son,” Algerian lawyer Zahia Mokhtari, told AFP in Algiers late Friday.


Are you serious Mr. Merah Senior ? You want to Sue the cops for KILLING your SON. Let me Remind you that YOUR SON was a Terrorist. A killer. The lowest of Lowest SCUM the Earth has SEEN. He shot a KID in the HEAD point Blank. Your SON had no REMORSE or Self Conscious.

He shot and killed 7 people, unknowns, who were just Living their Lives like anyone of us. He even fired at POLICE when they came to ARREST him,,.. NOT SO INNOCENT IN MY EYES.

And now YOU want to SUE the COPS? on what grounds Mr MERAH? On grounds that they did their JOB and took down a DANGEROUS Terrorist who ENDANGERED everyone around him? Your STUPID SON jumped out of a window SHOOTING blindly…What were the COPS supposed to do?

If we were to FOLLOW your path guess the ENTIRE JEWISH community .. no no .. ENTIRE HUMANITY should SUE your SORRY ass for CRIMES against HUMANITY … you raised a LOOSER and Homicidal Maniac.

You were a NOOB.. You are a NOOB and ALWAYS will be ONE !!!



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3 responses to “French Killer’s FAMILY — certified DIMWITS

  1. The Mindset

    April 2, 2012 at 10:54

    They are all nutcase.
    They think they are God’s gift to Mankind.
    First they kill innocents and when they are killed in response they cry ‘persecution’

    • mack

      April 3, 2012 at 00:05

      he he .. U read my mind BROTHER .. !!1


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