India – Land OF IDIOTS.

30 Mar

I dont actually hate INDIA.

It’s just that the people of INDIA have got their Priorities wrong

Indians are thinking out of their ASSes these days.

I’m REFERRING to the recent news in INDIA where the Chief of Army Gen V.K. Singh had written a letter to the MINISTRY OF DEFENSE, citing shortcomings in the INDIAN DEFENSE FORCES – LACK OF AMMUNITION – etc.

This was commendable of him to do, especially after he declared that he was offered a BRIBE of 3 million USD (approx) to accept a tender from a Defense Supplier for Substandard Equipment.

Damn right .. These men defend our nation and here the MINISTERS AND BEREAUCRATS accept bribes for sub-standard equipment PUTTING THE LIVES OF OUR SOLDIERS IN DANGER.

These are Animals of the LOWEST ORDER, and the sooner we put them
 down the better ...

Anyone will think that the Ministry would put all efforts immediately to rectify these implications and shortcomings … Instead what does the Defense Minister do : He launches an Investigation by the country’s premiers INTELLIGENCE AGENCY in this “Act Of Treason” of leakage of the Letter. 

WHO CARES ABOUT THE DAMN LETTER? Mr Minister you were informed in 2009 about these same problems, and you haven’t done SHIT about it. You are a shame to this country. 3 years have passed since the first letter sent to you but nothing has changed, now that the Army chief has sent another letter which was leaked to the PRESS, you getting your PANTIES in a KNOT ?

The PROBLEM is the Government thinks they OWN this country. Let me remind you IDIOTS… You own SHIt.. We put you in power and WE can Kick YOU OUT.

Read more…

Recently when QUIZZED about the crashing of 33 Airplanes and 10 helicopters in a SINGLE YEAR ,, this same DEFENCE MINISTER said : “The Pilots DONT know HOW TO FLY”

Is he an ASSHOLE or IS he an ASSHOLE he conveniently forgot to mention that these crafts are like 20-30 years old, lack spare, are in dire need of replacement .. 


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7 responses to “India – Land OF IDIOTS.

  1. Bikramjit Singh Mann

    March 30, 2012 at 17:05

    A lot of thoughts SIr.. Although I am totally with you on what the General has come out with it .. But just one question he has been a chief for long what was he doing till now …

    some of the things dont match up.. BUt really shocked at what he has said such a pitiable state of affairs

    • mack

      March 30, 2012 at 17:11

      as i mentioned same things were reported to the PMO and Mrs Gandhi who instructed the defense minister to look into this matter.. he said his department will take time … who knew he meant 4-5 years .

  2. alexmathew

    March 30, 2012 at 17:12

    Hi, Just wanted to let you know that I am offended by your title. It is demeaning. Though, you have mentioned you don’t hate India. Your title amounts to saying “Indians = Idiots”. It would be great if you could change your title at least because it has no connection to the issue you have written in the post.

    And, yes..we are aware Government has taken us for granted. That’s the reason, why we are waiting for the elections. Hope you got what I said.

    • mack

      March 30, 2012 at 17:25

      i am indian too … i know what i mean by indians=idiots” … time nd time again indians hv voted for politicians based on religion / caste / creed …
      do u mean to tel me that in the next election this wont happen ? ??

      what measures hv been taken to prevent ppl with criminal history from contesting polls ?hell half of em cant even sign their own bloody names. why wasnt the lokpal bill passed by parliament as wes demanded by the PEOPLE pf this country ?

      Do you know what lalu prasad’s comment was when asked about the bill ? ” if bill is passed all of us will be in JAIL, who will run this COUNTRY” …

      • alexmathew

        March 30, 2012 at 17:37

        I didn’t realize you were an Indian. I guess we can call ourselves Idiots…because the constitution is screwed up.

        In next election, i am pretty sure it would be BJP led coalition who will win and then, there is going to be list of communal riots or terrorist attacks on the way. Not that, Congress is great as they are known for corruption and other activities.

        People who have criminal history have something called “Money” to escape. That’s the main reason why they buy out judges. Hell! We can’t trust judiciary now a days.

        There is a reason why Lokpal bill isn’t passed because the ministers who should have passed would have thought they are digging up their own grave.

        Unless, there is change in the whole of constitution, the laws and judiciary…we are on the highway to Hell!!

      • mack

        March 30, 2012 at 17:56

        I purposely used the title I used : coz we as a people were and still are BLIND to the truth, we as a ppl will believe anything a politician says .. and are willing to lay down our lives and freedom and security for these politicians.

        Jus by me calling Indians IDIOTS you were offended .. tell me how many time have u been offended by the Rape that the Politicians have brought down upon this COUNTRY.

        how many time have you raised your voice against such happenings …? how many times has any indian stood up for his rights and you supported him ?

  3. alexmathew

    March 30, 2012 at 18:56

    This is true that, we are still blinded by the shackles of freedom.

    I am offended every single day when I hear about rape or corruption. I have taken a stand that I will no longer look at news channel because that is what is paraded every single moment.

    I have raised my voice against these atrocities. The question you asked is quite generic. Our rights are just written. We fail to exercise the,.


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