It was AN ISLAMIC Terrorist after-all !!!

21 Mar

Recently we were all Rivetted with NEWS of the Killing of KIDS and a Rabbi outside a SCHOOL in FRANCE.

Various reports said various things:

1. The assailant was BIKE-borne.

2. He shot the KIDS point blank.

3. He shot the entire GROTESQUE scene on CAMERA.

Maybe all are TRUE, maybe NONE are…

What matters is THERE WAS a HUMAN miserable ENOUGH to carry out this attack.

And initially the MEDIA reported that this was the handy work of a NEO NAZI LOCAL GANG.

That was some bull-crap, I mean it was clear to everyone that this attack coming in the close proximity to Israel-Hamas Fighting was a clear-as-glass indication, that this was a MUSLIM attack on ZION.

But the Useless MEDIA was so afraid of retaliation (firebombing of its offices) that it refused to accept and report the possibility of this being an ISLAMIC ATTACK

The Government would anyways NEVER offend ISLAM, but the media is not bound by such REGULATIONS.

WELL finally the TRUTH has prevailed, The Offender is a MUSLIM, who claims to be AL QAEDA, and he killed the people to avenge the deaths in PALESTINE.

Hey Asshole : Israel killed a Terrorist by Bombing the SHIT outta him… You Fucks went ahead and shelled ISRAELI civilians and then you expected ZERO RETALIATION ? The cause of the DEATHS are your bunch of Illiterate Ass-kissing Palestinian brothers… You should have gone shot them.

Back to the TOPIC. the suspect’s name is MOHAMMED MERA (That name RING A BELL FOLKS ??).

He is holed up inside his house in the Toulouse suburbs, being armed to the TEETH, he has managed to keep the POLICE at bay… even injuring 2 cops in the process,

But the COPS have had his HOUSE under SIEGE from 3 am this morning, his brother ABDELKADER MERA had been taken under police custody. French Police want to take him ALIVE.. GOD ALONE KNOWS WHY !! KILL THE BASTARD .. BOMB HIM OUT!! 

It has also emerged he was being tracked by French security services ‘for years’ and had broken out of a jail in Kandahar, Afghanistan, as part of a mass Taliban escape in 2008. And if they had actually BUSTED his ass, he would not have KILLED so many. Why was he even allowed BACK into the Country ? What the FUCK was Nicolas thinking ?

READ more here ……

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