Is this the 1st White Honour Killing …in Britain.

18 Mar

Laura Wilson was just 17 years old — a happy but headstrong girl whose love story across the racial divide would have a tragic ending.

‘She was feisty — if she had anything to say she would speak out,’ her mother Margaret says, as she held a picture of a smiling, mischievous teenager.

Laura’s Asian boyfriend, Ashtiaq Ashgar, also 17, was born in Britain but when Laura challenged his family’s traditional cultural values by confronting them with details of their relationship, she had to be silenced.

One night in October 2010, Laura was lured to the banks of a canal in Rotherham in South Yorkshire, where Ashtiaq attacked her before throwing her into the water.

He was subsequently arrested and found guilty of Laura’s murder last June and sentenced to 17 years in prison.

Margaret Wilson has never spoken publicly before, but she told the reporter she is convinced her daughter was murdered because she challenged the code of honour which some ethnic communities still follow in the UK.

‘I honestly think it was an honour killing for putting shame on the family. They needed to shut Laura up and they did,’ she says.

In south Asian and Middle Eastern communities, controlling the behaviour of women is seen as key to the family’s honour. Behind closed doors, beatings, kidnap, forced imprisonment, rape and even murder are being committed in the name of honour.

The Government admits it does not know the true scale of the abuse.
 The latest survey of police statistics show that 2,823 honour 
crimes were reported in 2010.

This guy was Pakistani, and when the girl went to his house to speak to his parents, ONE of his mothers hit her with her shoe, and there was a major argument. Three days later Ashtiaq asked her to meet him by the CANAL, where Police believe Ashtiaq began a frenzied knife attack on the girl before throwing her, badly wounded, into the canal.

17 yrs in jail is too little a punishment for this CRIMINAL .. He should be sentenced to death on account of 1st degree murder ..

BTW why isnt this treated as RACISM ? .. didnt he kill her because she went against the traditional values of HIS RACE & RELIGION ?


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