2-Faced CAT …..

17 Mar

Initially I thought this was some kind of Internet Humor .. an Evolution of the Lolz cat meme …

But then it seemed too good to be a MEME.. so I did a lil Search… Google what would I do with out you ?

Well turns out its TRUE… this kitten was indeed born with 2 Faces : 4 eyes, 2 noses, 2 mouths.

Two-faced cats, otherwise known as Janus cats after the Roman god with two faces, are examples of the extremely rare condition of diprosopus where two faces are mirrored on a single head.

Well GUESS this LIL FELLA’S Name : HARVEY DENT … iconic Batman Villain aka Two-Face.

Now all we need is the following CATS .. and we can have our own BATMAN Movie


read the whole article here …

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