CHINESE Stone-age man FOUND !!

15 Mar

Four Stone Age people found in caves in China could be an entirely new species of humanoid – and the discovery ‘opens a new chapter’ in the history of evolution, say archaeologists.

The fossils, found in two caves, belong to a previously unknown Stone Age people and have a ‘highly unusual’ mixture of ancient and modern features. Named the ‘Red Deer people’ because of the animals they hunted and dating from between 14,500 to 11,500 years ago, they are the youngest humanoid fossils to be found in Asia

Writing in journal PLoS One, Prof Curnoe explained: ‘These new fossils might be of a previously unknown species, one that survived until the very end of the Ice Age around 11,000 years ago,  They would have shared the land with modern looking humans at a time when China’s earliest farming culture was beginning, he said.

Whoa .. who knew the Chinese shared land with the Neanderthal Species…. Damn .. I’m so sure the Ancient-Chinese may have tried breeding with these neanderthals … So but obviously the chinese should be looking more like this :

But for some UNKNOWN reason they turned out to look like this :


🙂 😉 Well here are some more pics of this missing Humanoid species discovered in China .


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One response to “CHINESE Stone-age man FOUND !!

  1. Bikram

    March 15, 2012 at 16:14

    yeah thank god for that 🙂 it wud have been a eyesore …


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