Birth of The Moon .. Yes moon not STAR

15 Mar

Ever taken a STROLL at night and looked up at the SKY.

Ever thought about the Moon up there, shining with a SILVERY glow, bathing you in its white light (which in turn was reflected from the SUN).

Must have looked like this :

Well If you are a daily Night Walker (No I am not referring to Vampires) like myself you definitely must have noticed the moon changing wrt its view from the EARTH.

Which would have looked somewhat like this:

So have you ever wondered : “why is the Moon like this ? what are those Black Markings on the surface? How did they form? How did it all HAPPEN”

Well we can always count on the AMERICANS to sort it out for us :

So here is a video from NASA showing 4.5 billion years that shaped the Moon:

The cold, lifeless surface of the moon seems like it never changes – but Nasa has created a video charting the satellite’s unseen, violent 4.5 billion-year history. Each distinctive mark on the moon’s surface was sculpted by shattering asteroid impacts and other unimaginably destructive forces.

The video, created to celebrate the 1,000th day of Nasa’s Lunar Reconnaisssance Orbiter, offers a humbling perspective on how a molten orb of debris became the grey satellite we see today.

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