Cant AFFORD a machine ?? .. PRINT IT ..

10 Mar

Holy Cow …

Never thought this day would come .. All those years of watch science fiction movies and shows on TV, gasping in amazement at the advanced technology, especially the series AUTOMAN and dreaming of owning something like ‘CURSOR’, who could create/generate anything you wanted out of nothing ..

Well the ‘powers that be’ have heard me at least .. this invention is a printer which can print solid objects in 3D, yes completely movable geared machine parts .. in a printer..even a rideable Bi-cycle 

OOOOOHHHHH I’m gonna print me a HARLEY DAVIDSON Nightrod …. wooo-hooo …

Watch the 3-D Printer in action ….. while I make a list of things I want to print out ….

So now there’s no need to carry a tool box.. you can just carry a portable version of this printer (when they make one) and you are all set … EASY AS HELL !!!

If you are a terrorist .. no you can’t use this printer .. it can’t make electric circuits yet (for a bomb) or TNT/RDX/C4 etc etc .. that will have to wait .. C YA ..

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