Don’t BAN my STEAK !!!

09 Mar

Today when I woke, as is my daily routine I commenced reading of World events from the newspapers…call me old fashioned but I still need my DAILY PAPER in the morning along with my cuppa tea.

This is what angered me then: “Beef to become ILLEGAL in INDIAn states

Why are you banning my Sirloin Steak >?? 

This Legislation which has come into force in many INDIAN states (gujrat,madhya pradesh) has now been cleared in Karnataka. It is “draconian”, “anti-secular” and “unconstitutional” –> Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill, 2010.

This Law makes it Illegal to consume beef even in our own HOMES … ever heard of something so RIDICULOUS. All because the COW is sacred to HINDUS. OK !! so let them not eat it, in my home I am the owner and I get to decide what can or cannot be served.

If the question is whether to have a ban or not, I can state that there is a pretty good chance that I will eat beef. No one should be allowed to dictate what I eat, smoke, drink. Individual freedom wins over sentiment.

You cant even carry beef from other places where it is legal to sell/buy beef. The cops have the right to BARGE into your houses and arrest you on the basis of the cop having a SUSPICION that you are in possession of BEEF. He can detain you and the onus is onto you to prove your innocence, in the meanwhile your property can be auctions off by the COPS via “assets foreclosure

This is the most DEGRADING LAW passed in INDIA. The ruling government in Karnataka is the BJP, who have a tendency to lean towards communalism, but even then every citizen of India has the right to DEMOCRACY and the clauses of the constitution ( somewhat akin to the 1st ammendment ).

The BJP has taken away the right of the masses to live as they want, eat what they want, do what they want.!! Why should we have to listen to the Government as to what we can and cannot eat..The Government is called “Public Servant” they are there to serve us. Guess these OLD FARTS forgot that, they want to rule over us.

There is still hope.. the bill needs the PRESIDENT’s approval …and a movement is already underway to stop it in its track :: ‘ A signature campaign has been started

This move has come as a means by the BJP to garner support of the hindu majority of Karnataka after the Ruling Party ministers were caught in a SERIES of incidents inside the Legislative Assembly : watching porn when the house was in session,


Chief Minister resigned after being indicted in illegal mining

So in the end this move by the Ruling Party maybe a FACE SAVING measure.

Besides BEEF is a cheaper alternative to goat/sheep and many people (non-hindus) just cannot afford to eat goat/sheep/chicken.

What does the Government want these people to do? starve to death or JUST go VEGAN … but then I thought that was a life style choice not a RELIGIOUS ONE !!!!

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