Nigeria: Boko Haram – U.S. Pledges to Help

08 Mar

Recently during one of my RANTS

I complained how the USA wanted to be World Leader but was only interested in ARAB countries ( obviously for their oil ), in the same post I had complained about the threat to Christians living in NIGERIA from the Evil Terrorist Sect “BOKO HARAM”…. (read from that post)

Well anyways this has just come to my attention..

THE USA has pledged to support and help NIGERIA in its fight against BOKO HARAM .. 

US Under Secretary for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman said on Monday that the United States was looking to establish a consulate in Kano, Nigeria’s biggest northern city and a recent target of attacks, as well as a number of other ways to help it fight radical Islamist sect Boko Haram [source]

Let me just say this .. Obama may be doing this JUST for the OIL Reserves in Nigeria ( yes we know how strong the OIL LOBBY is )  OR The White House maybe generally concerned ( I doubt )

What I’m sure of, is that there is some ULTERIOR motive to this .. maybe an underhanded deal with the Nigerian Government … barter system .. We give you our military force, you give us oil/naval base / army base etc etc etc .. 

But who cares … as long as thousands of lives are saved from BOKO HARAM…its ok !!

heres a recent threat from BOKO HARAM ( we kidnap ur women, how u gonna multiply )

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