Anonymous :: Not What they SEEM

08 Mar

Have been in a heated discussion with some of my fellow bloggers regarding the recent activities of ANONYMOUS.

I have come to a Conclussion that they may not be WHO THEY CLAIM TO BE !!

Why do I say this .. read on…

1. Anonymous had concentrated their attacks on American and European Countries..

2. Anonymous had concentrated their attack against Western Countries.

3. Anonymous has sided against Israel and the Vatican, citing corruption, biased opinions and human rights..

While these are good enough grounds to launch agitations against, There are more countries in the world where Human rights are openly and outrageously trampled upon..

eg i. Nigeria : killing of Innocents by Militant group BOKO HARAM

ii. Oppression of non-muslims in Saudi Arabia. Pakistan, Phillipines, Indonesia,

iii. China has time and time again enforced its policies on the GENERAL public using military force.

iv. Its a well known fact that china enforcse Internet censorship … ( anonymous claims to fight for Internet freedom :: CHINA should have been the first target )

v. Anonymous claimed the Vatican was corrupt and biased and has committed crimes against humanity, a simple google search will show you thousands of instances of Religious Biasis committed by RELIGIOUS INSTITUTES other than the VATICAN …

4. Anonymous faught for Freedom .. they should not have got RELIGION into it ..

5. How can people identify with you if you are biased towards religion.

6. Anonymous is Anti-America, Anti-Europe (they attacked Spain, Italy, UK, Greece, Armenia,turkey)…but conveniently forgot atrocities In the Middle East, Asia,Africa…

were they scared of the punishment if caught in the Middle-East or A Communist country ?

I am not going to post any links .. you can search google for all the news .. there are so many articles on this .. its impossible to link to them all.

Anonymous if they wanted to truly represent the people.. should have attacked Pakistan for Harboring OSAMA BIN LADEN… Iran for openly threatening the Existence of other countries .. They have openly said ” DEATH TO AMERICA” and Destroy the West … Where will Anonymous EXERCISE their so called freedom IF THEY AINT ALIVE !!!

THINK ABOUT IT .. I feel this movement was made specially for the reason of DE-STABILIZING the WEST .. THE UN.. NATO..all the agencies that strive towards the safety of U and Me..

If the government is CORRUPT .  release their mis-doings and let the people decide what to do about it. Anonymous has not done that. They have attacked anyone they wanted to without any effective results.


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3 responses to “Anonymous :: Not What they SEEM

  1. Bikram

    March 8, 2012 at 19:26

    oh my you have done some research on the Anonymous here …
    I am sorry i have no clue who or what they re ..

    • mack

      March 8, 2012 at 23:06

      lol .. jus trollin the net .. nd u get loads of data

  2. coffeeandsleeplessnights

    March 9, 2012 at 11:48

    You made some excellent points! Very impressive.


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