The Nigerian Holocaust ….its BEGUN !!

07 Mar

Recently I had posted about Islamic Terror Group BOKO HARAM declaring WAR on christians

Well as I was browsing the pages of WWW.VANGUARDNGR.COM, and THIS is what caught my attention, sending shiver down my back of my neck :

Gunmen slaughter 21 women, children in Benue

Yes, the war which BOKO HARAM had promised in NIGERIA is now upon us

GOD HELP US ALL .. esp the people in Nigeria ..

The Local Government Chairman, Mr. Andrew Ayande, who made this known in an interview with Vanguard at Naka, while holding back TEARS the invaders stormed the communities in a commando fashion, killed, destroyed and maimed any living object they came across

My Heart goes out to the families of those attacked. They are being prosecuted for following their RELIGION ..

TO BOKO HARAM : every single one of you WILL PAY FOR THIS … The Lord God is watching ..

Read the entire ARTICLE here …     .. …………….(the best source for news from nigeria… coz BBC and CNN dont deem it worthy to report the killing of thousand of christians by terrorist,, but will publish  1000 word articles on the recent Quran-gate scandal)

Hey Obama .. you wanted to uphold justice and peace .. but only in ARAB countries ? what about Nigeria ??

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