07 Mar

behind a comp you are KING .. in an FBI prison … U R a RAT ,…..


Trader JB

I was under the impression that there was no leader to groups like Lulzsec and Anonymous.  Well, if you can


get a rat in the mob, I guess you can here with hackers as well.  The ironic part in all this, their “leader”, Hector Xavier Monsegur was an unemployed guy on the government dole who had skills that could have easily parlayed into a computer security gig that would have paid $$$.  For all the bad that they purportedly did, there is one major good thing about their exploits, it revealed how inadequate and stupid some internet security systems were. Lulzsec exposed how irresponsible Sony was for placing everyone’s passwords without even simple encryption, it was just text file! 

While I am not for stealing people’s credit cards and personal information, I am also not for lax security.  I’m not a hacker, but it jars me how the media likes to portray all…

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