The ART of BED making !!!

06 Mar

The Art of BED making…dont worry guys,..

I’m not going to break off into some impromptu rant about making beds, using pillows etc, all thats OLD SCHOOL stuff …

I’m talking of this bed HERE …


The Birdsnest for creating new ideas” was conceived and created 
by O*GE as a prototype for new and inspiring socializing space.

Its made of cardboad, which means its totally recyclable. I can already see greenpeace activist getting weak in the knees at the thought of this.

ME .. why do I like this? R U kidding me? have you looked at this thing .. How AWESOMELY COOL is it? DAMN…its like the next best thing after slice bread .. I mean who would’nt mind sleeping in one of these? Maybe get you GROOVE on in there >???

I’m sure its gonna be a HIT with the ladies .. so guys if you think you need a lil HELP with garnering the brownie points with the ladies .. the link is posted above… pay the makers a little visit ..

AFTER all male birds build NESTS to impress the females.. why should we be any different ?

Well the BED is better than these …any time !!


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2 responses to “The ART of BED making !!!

  1. ssnab

    March 6, 2012 at 15:26

    looks so comfy 🙂

    • mackubex1

      March 6, 2012 at 15:39

      It does .. and im sure it will fell great too ..


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