Bangladesh stock exchange — HACKED

03 Mar

Heres what I SAW posted 1 hour ago…

AnonymousAnonymous ‏ @YourAnonNews

Bangladesh StockMarket Hacked By @teamgreyhat |

Yes you read correct, this message on twitter shocked the Nut-bolts outta me.

Why you may ask? I’ll tell you why, coz just last week there was a post on one of the many ANONYMOUS forums requesting ‘AnonOps’ to hack BANGLADESHI websites in retribution for defaming Indian Sites.

Well as one Anon said “this game of cat and mouse between you and bangladesh and pakistan is never ending” .” AnonOps works for the good of all people not for your personal grudges”……….< I second that opinion>

Well what happened then? Nothing a Hacking team consisting of Indian Hackers took up the challenge which AnonOps did not, and came out with SHINING results.

This group goes by the name TEAM GREY HAT ( grey hat hackers are like neither good nor evil hackers, somewhat like Gandalf before he became a white wizard)

They have issued a press release, which ends with the FAMOUS AnonOps quote ” expect us”.

Is this attack AnonOps sponsored or is it just Indian Kids taking pot-shots at our narrow minded neighbours? Guess we will never know. !!

Hacked Sites:-
Bangladesh Stock Market Official Sites-

Heres how they look now..

I’m sure there will be retaliation from across the border, but I’m sure our boys are up for the challenge,,

LET THE GAMES BEGIN …. although its been on for ages… I just felt like saying it.

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