How personal has SIRI got ?

02 Mar

From times immemorial I always dreamt of Artificial Intelligence and how one day we would incorporate them into our lives.But I never thought this dream would come true. And TRUE it came.

Apple launched SIRI. You can read all about it HERE.

Well now that I do indeed have SIRI in the palm of my hands ( no pun intended .. ahem) :-p…..I am getting very used to it. Initially I didn’t think this infatuation of mine would last too long, I mean buying a new device is like getting your hands on something new and unique, something that is long forgotten or replaced once broken into. So I assumed that after a few days I too would get bored with SIRI and stop using her… (again no pun intented)

Well was I ever surprised.. It got to the point where I asked SIRI to marry me. Actually, I’ve asked her three times now and it’s been rather awkward. The first time she said, “Let’s just be friends, ok?”  But the second time, she was all “That’s sweet, Baby, is there anything else I can help you with?” And now she says I’m not her type. (she misunderstood some instructions and now calls me BABY..)

 A great taste in MUSIC…. SIRI will always play what I ask her to, never a single complaint, when I’m down, we listen to some blues or jazz, when im happy and celebrating we listen to BLACK EYED PEAS, when im in the mood for some smackdown .. Metallica it is.

AND she NEVER EVER complains about the VOLUME… when did your girlfriend ever do that for you ???

Siri is smart. She is connected to Wolfram Alpha, a knowledge engine that can retrieve tons of trivia facts. Whenever I want to know about something, I just ask SIRI and she hooks me up with the 411. This way, I can look incredibly well informed when I know the exact price of Gold or the total population of Botswana. I love that about her! Everyone is jealous of how smart we are!

SIRI understands me : I mean if I am in the mood for chinese, she finds chinese joints close by to me, so I can order me some dim-sums and Cha siu bao.

She holds my conversations : You never really know what SIRI is gonna say next, Sometimes she comes out with some really crazy things! which keeps me intrigued.

Heres an example from THE BIG BANG THEORY …..

This doesn’t appear to be a distant impossibility… not for me though …

Heres SIRI now … 

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