AnOnyMou$ … Boon OR Bane???

27 Feb

Good Afternoon readers,

For the past few weeks I’ve been reading in the papers about this group of hackers called ANONYMOUS

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us

Initially i believed this was the same of a small group of programmers who were carrying out these activities on their own …. but yesterday i was lead to believe differently … 

I am still sure ‘The core’ group cosists of a few specialist who carry out these vigilante ops. The anonymous initiative has gripped the minds of people in such a way that everyone wants to be a part of this new wave. Just like the OCCUPY WALL STREET movement.

This picture was taken at the Occupy movement and the mask of GUY FAWKES is the symbol of ANONYMITY

Anonymous is actually an internet meme, which started in 2003 on a site called 4chan. People would post without displaying their identities which led them to be called ANONYMOUS (thats default).

Whats my take on this?

1. Anonymous may have started on 4chan as is evident.

2. Anonymous core group of hackers is a small one, with specialised member to carry out their attacks, normal everyday surfers are not capable of carrying out the attacks associated with anonymous.

3. This group needs to hide their identities, else they could go down the same path that Julian Asange has tread.

4. What better way to hide your identity than to MERGE with a crowd. No one can see you, notice you, or single you out.

In a collective, no individual stands out. Everyone is one… and … One is Everyone. !! 

This leads us to the final question how does this HIVE MIND initiative work ?

Its a bit complicated, but not hard to digest. Anyone who is a fan of Star-Trek will know about hive minds. Many individuals working as one, under the same initiative, towards the same goal, in the same direction. THIS IS ANONYMOUS.

The core group consists of Old Professional namely those from the “CHAOS COMPUTER CLUB”, This revelation was made by Member Commander X, who later hire young programmers to lead the attacks.

Anonymous is a Stand Alone Entity ie: there is no leader or director and no fixed membership.

Basically its like a flock of birds ( as was described by a SCRIBE). 4 birds start a flight towards a common goal (say they want to protest against shutting down of piratebay and megaupload by US FEDS)

These 4 are core members of ANONYMOUS. They have the technical expertise to carry out such protest in CYBERWORLD. Seeing them flying, more and more birds join in. These birds are you and me, We believe in what the main 4 birds are doing, we support them and we want to feel a part of this revolution ( who doesnt like REVOLUTION?)

THUS ANONYMOUS IS BORN.. at any given time few birds may peel away from the group and new ones may join in.

Now you want to know “how do i join in? *say into an attack*

Well for this purpose anonymous uses “a network stress testing application” called LOIC. Users download the LOIC and voluntarily contribute their computer to a bot net. This bot net is then directed against the target by AnonOps. Joining the bot net and volunteering one’s resources for the use of the group is thus one way of being a “member,” a concept that is otherwise hard to define. (courtesy wikipedia)

Anons all over the world communicate with each other through IRC or bulletin boards like 4chan / twitter etc.

Anonymous has taken it into their own hands to fight against what they perceive as injustice, resulting in hacking of CIA websites / Digiturk (celcom operator turkey) / here is the complete list

And just today this : #Anonymous Teams With #Wikileaks To Publish Confidential Stratfor Emails in ‘The Global Intelligence Files’ | #GIFiles ( twitter update)

And this too….click to view

So is this good or bad ?

Well hacking government site and servers or releasing the data of users of celcom companies is BAD and Dangerous, It can cripple a Countries power to defend itself from attacks and also with user details on the net their personal safety is at risk.

Who is to be blamed if due to the actions of anonymous, my hard earned money was stolen just because a splinter group decided that the Celcom operator i use is UNJUST and thus publish all my details on the net and I thus become a victim of cyber fraud ?

But look at the bigger picture,.

Anonymous did indeed hack into the servers of a CHILD PORNOGRAPHY site operating on the DEEP WEB, and published the name of around 1480 members. Now thats what I call Community service. They even shut the website down. They have protested against the arrest of JULIAN ASANGE( i support that), They have protested against the Online piracy bill (support that too), I believe information should be free for all.

But what Anonymous have to understand here is that these actions of theirs ( of providing people with LOIC etc) should not lead to a splinter swarm of script kiddies doing as their little hearts desire.. Therein lies the real danger of a STAND ALONE COMPLEX.

One of my favourite anonymous related website is THIS ONE. Do visit, You can also hop over to AnonNews (learn the secret handshake.. maybe ill notice you)

You can also visit the AnonOps Communication website for day to day updates..


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