SIRI ??? .. No this is SARA !!!

26 Feb

Yesterday I posted a few videos featuring Apple’s Ground Breaking new app : SIRI !!

Well SIRI only works on iPhone 4S as of now and on all later versions..

What about us iPhone 4 / 3g/ 3gs users ? What sin did we commit? ( I purchased my iPhone 4, 5 months before the launch of the 4S).

I wanted SIRI too..

Well the answer came recently. I had already Jailbroken my phone so it was easy for me. For more information on Jailbreaking click here !

Initially there was a way of installing SIRI on your iPhone4, But that required you to have access to an iPhone 4S and transfer some codes between the phone, for people with minimum skills (like myself) this was almost akin to FLYING!!

Lets forget that ok. We don’t want to work that way.

Recently it had come to my notice of a new SIRI-clone called “SARA” was launched which would work just like SIRI but on older devices and from a private server, not official APPLE’s servers.

This has its risk as these servers may copy sensitive data from your phone. Who knows, but then wheres the thrill of doing something like this ?

So lets start :

1) you need to have cydia installed on your iphone. See HERE for Details.

2) You need WiFi connection on your iphone or SIM data (3g) connection.

3) Click on the CYDIA icon.

4) Now follow the instructions and click where the arrow points to

5) When you click on Sara 0.2.1 – build 1822, then you click on “INSTALL” and then you click on “CONFIRM” –>both in top right corner. (do same for sara dictator application)

6) Done. Close CYDIA.

7) On your iPhone main screen you will find the SIRI icon. (look at the red mic icon above, yours will be blue).

8) Click on this icon and talk to SARA … You need Wifi or 3g data connection for SARA to work. !!


PLZ donate some money to they GUY who made this possible : there is a donate box in SARA. (click on the spanner icon in the bottom corner).

He has to RUN a server for you to use SARA. It costs money !!!

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