Why I Hate INDIA !!

25 Feb

Recently i was browsing some pictures sent in by readers on a certain blog i like to visit.

There was a picture of cows there.     This picture was accompanied with the following quote :

“Have you ever been to India? If you’ve been, except for the state of Goa that I would consider as real India, you’ll agree with me that the country is crowded, loud, dirty, and full of cows roaming in the streets.

This got me thinking ? why do people have this outlook about INDIA ? What is wrong with this Country.

Im sure this country was founded on great principles and ideas and was destined to achieve greatness. Then what exactly went wrong?

I’ll tell you what went wrong. The people of this country are what are the problem, never have I seen such apathy and carelessness towards ones own environment and government and law.

Every morning I open the newspapers and without fail I always seem to find news of graft / cheating / apathy / carelessness, displayed by a varying group of people, from the common man to cops, from bureaucrats to politicians.

How can people be so useless and careless? Cops just want to make money, by any means possible, they will enforce rules of Public Indecency, even if you hug your Girlfriend on the road, but these same cops are HELPLESS or CARELESS to bother to catch Eve teasers and rapists.

Rapes are a common occurence in the nations capital New Delhi, and recently even Kolkotta. 2 rapes in a fornight in Kolkotta, What are the cops doing?

Open space acquired from the JeeJeebhoys, by the BMC for a PUBLIC PLAYGROUND, is now standing as a MULTI CRORE commercial tower. 

Who is to blame for this ? Obviously the BMC, they have gone so corrupt that they dont care about the citizens anymore. The Bureaucracy has conveniently forgotten who it is that pays their SALARY. Its my tax money and I demand better service.

Garbage collection is irregular, Water supply is irregular, traffic Jams are everywhere, traffic signals don’t work. The list is endless ..

Constructions which are normally completed in a year, in India they take 4-5 years to complete. And throughout this time citizens have to deal with DUST / DIRT  / Road blocks / Noise.  How will the nation progress at this rate? Every bureaucrat is corrupted, lazy and UTTERLY TOTALLY USELESS.

Every 3 -4 months roads are DUG UP. First to service electric cables, then to service telephone cables, then to service sewers, each time the work goes on for months on end and the roads repaved, then dug up again. Utterly Unprofessional. 

Why do we deserve this? Its because as Indians we have adapted, We have learnt to just forget. We have learned to avoid it, shun it from our minds, because we see no other way out. In a country reuled by religion and politics, where is the scope for development, where is the scope for change?

The people of this country are so blinded by religion and politics, they fail to understand the need to progress, the need to elect deserving candidate who can lead us on the path to greatness. Instead we have assholes on the podium, criminals, rapist, murderers, corrupt bureaucrats, religious extremists, who can do nothing better than to LEACH the COUNTRY DRY !!

The police force is made up just for the rich and powerful, there is no scope for the common man to approach the cops for help. There will be no help forthcoming unless you are rich and famous or have political contacts. Take for example a few days back A woman went to the police station to complain about molestation but in turn by insulted and humiliated by the Officer in charge, But actor SAIF ALI KHAN was arrested and let go on bail within an hour that too in the dead of the night.

I was in a car accident some years back, and approached the police to file a compaint. The cops didnt even bother to come arrest the taxi driver, but instead told me to back off, coz I am educated and from a good family and I dont want to get involved in police bureaucracy, It didn’t help that when the taxi driver was summoned to the station ( I went personally to inform him) he was accompanied by the Ward head of a certain Regional political party.

There was corruption in the purchase of equipment for the local police force, which led to countless deaths during a terrorist attack. How could the Government be so corrupt that it even ill-equips its own police force .. What a bunch of FOOLS. Correct me if I am wrong but isnt it these same cops who provide security for the Politicians?

I could go on forever and ever… but I dont wanna spoil my evening … Its useless to hope for change, The country is gone to the DOGS.


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35 responses to “Why I Hate INDIA !!

  1. coffeeandsleeplessnights

    February 26, 2012 at 05:12

    I’m assuming from what you said in this post that you’re from India – or am I wrong?

    • mackubex1

      February 27, 2012 at 03:51

      yup. i am .. but i have been around the world and i am envious ..

      americans may complain about health care social security etc … but here where we have people dying of hunger / thirst /disease /
      all those fancy terms (ie: health care) .. holds no meaning .//

      • coffeeandsleeplessnights

        February 27, 2012 at 04:16

        I know India has its beauty and I know several people from India who are truly amongst the nicest people I’ve ever met but I’m amazed at how third-world India is. India seems so dirty and crowded [I would never want to drive there – it looks totally chaotic, no “Rules of the Road” so to speak]. And I have a difficult time with the Caste system there. I’m surprised that such an extreme form of discrimination like that still exists in your country.

        • mackubex1

          February 27, 2012 at 04:20

          I am not denying the fact that this country has its merits ..
          but what good are merits like beauty and nature , if the people who inhabit these lands cannot live a happy fruitful life, cant feed their kids,
          The level of corruption is so damn high, its not possible to even get a water pipeline connected to your house without greasing a few palms … if its not done.. you may as well wait for 2-3 yrs till the pipeline arrives .

          • coffeeandsleeplessnights

            February 27, 2012 at 04:24

            You’re right – beauty means nothing if people can’t support their families and be happy.

  2. perminia

    April 13, 2012 at 16:14

    i hate india too because they are diplomate and they are so conservative

    • mack

      April 14, 2012 at 01:36

      being Conservative has nothing to do with it .. the amish are conservative too … I dont find myself hating them.

      I hate INDIA because the people of INDIA dont give a DAMN about the country, as long the ruling powers are making money .. the common man can die a dog’s death and no1 cares.

      There is so muach talk about DALIT this and DALIT that, why doesn’t the country abolish the caste system.. its a social EVIL and should have been away with years ago.

      26,000 crores (52 000 000 $) is the budget for 2012 for !city alone- mumbai .. yet ppl cant expect good roads.. 24 hrs water supply or good education and health facility(u shud see the condition of state run hospitals) .

      That is why I HATE INDIA .. all bastards all thieves and robbers ..

    • mack

      April 14, 2012 at 01:46

      Besides … Being conservative is nothing …. you should go see some ISLAMIC countries .. women are not even allowed to expose their noses …

      now that is conservation at it heights .. I fail to understand the need of women to cover themselves (both hindus and muslims) why should the woman cover herself > ? is she ashamed of herself ? is her body so disgusting that she has to hide it from ppl ?

      Why aren’t the men punished for looking at women and hvng sexual desires … I have raised this question MANY MANY times .. but no1 has answered me till now .. and I dont think any1 has the answer to it … the hindus do it because of some stupid TRADITION … the MUSLIMS do it coz ISLAM says so …
      thats Discrimination against a woman ..

  3. Meenal

    April 14, 2012 at 19:46

    i am an indian and have lived in new delhi all my life.i too feel unlucky to be a part of this country.whenever i raise the same issues which you raised above,the fellow indians get so hurt that they start defending india by talking of its past glories like architecture,ayurveda,yoga,achievement in cricket,etc just to shut me.mind you these people always visit allopaths when in disease :).they assert that i shud feel proud of india because i am born here…and i keep asking myself….what is there to feel proud of???

    • mack

      April 15, 2012 at 03:22

      Hi meenal,
      Yes I feel exactly what you feel. whenever I come to India, I initially feel good and homely.. but the moment i leave the airport The sights that await me is HORRIBLE,
      Then I reach home and all is good, but when its time to go out for a STROLL once again I am put off…I for one dont like to walk in parks .. I like to roam the streets … thats the real INDIA .. and when I see homeless people defecating on the roads because the PUBLIC WASH-ROOMS .. which are supposed to be free .. charge to be used .. its disgusting, Recently a slab from a flyover in Bombay fell onto the roads below ..thankfully no one was hurt .. The BMC says it happened because of the earthquake in INDONESIA .. guess they forgot how far indonesia is from mumbai .. the culprit was the Shady contractor who didnt do a good job of constructing a sturdy structure .. but greased enuf palms to bag the contract ..

      This attitude of giving 4 Fucks for the safety of the general public is what will prove to be the DOWNFALL of this COUNTRY

  4. Meenal

    April 15, 2012 at 11:15

    LOL…I laughed when I read this Indonesia earthquake thing 😀

    You should have asked him why this earthquake did not cause similar destruction in countries neighbouring indonesia.

    yes people here always give excuses to hide their flaws and seeing the same excuse giving mentality of the younger generation too,i doubt that india will ever become a developed country,leave alone being a superpower…..god knows why we are hallucinating that India is SHING…. :D.This is the joke of the century!

    the minute u start your day right from travelling in an autorickshaw to reaching your workplace,and then reaching your home,it’s a nightmare…you have to struggle with the ideal autowallah who will AGREE to take you by the meter.then on the way u have to face horrible traffic,dust,poor driving sense of fellow drivers,then face back stabbing of colleagues,who always pull u down even if your mistake is a minor one(as if they are perfect flawless robots)and so on..

    one peculiar thing about all indian bosses i have seen till date is that they are always nice to those employees who are otherwise cunning,manipulative,and rude to others,and like the ones i mentioned above.

    on the other hand,an honest,sincere,reserved person is always scolded by him…this is typical indian mentality which has doomed india..we never value honest people but always give undue importance to backstabbers,and to those who always play politics..that’s why our country is also being run by such people..

    i must have done really some bad karmas in my liufe that i am born here 😦

  5. kalyan

    January 21, 2013 at 04:31

    All indians never seen other countries will say i am proud to be an indian,They will scream about racism in other countries won’t realize what they are doing in india in the name of caste.they may be a scientist studied in very good educational institute but they will believe 4 types of people who born from some creature’s various unity only diversity.poverty,corruption everywhere.worst culture but they used to tell india has ancient culture ..that is bullshit. where did the culture goes when the people of india raped a girl in india capital? i was living in india 25 years.i left the country for 1 year when i see from other country i felt i was living in a ditch.very few good people.

    • mack

      January 23, 2013 at 16:33

      GOOD point of view !!!

      this caste system and politician .. bribery and corruption have risen to such an extent …
      that no honest man can get any job done with falling into the murky world of politics … bribery and correuption ..

      on top of all that .. we have men here who treat women like dirt .. so how does a country progress then ??

  6. Parth

    February 28, 2013 at 13:43

    Its because of ignorant fucks like you that India is in this condition. Who don’t do anything but keep complaining like pussies. Do you know how old India is as a country? It became a country in 1947, so not even a hundred years old. Do you know what USA was like when it was a hundred years old? Open a fucking history book, it was like 10 times worse than what India is now. These things have to fought through as a developing country develops. These problems like discrimination and corruption have to be removed but it can’t be done overnight. Everyone has to work towards it, and not just sit and complain like you. India is a young, huge and diverse country but still it is the second fastest growing economy in the world. If you hate the country so much and can’t ‘stand’ living here, get out. We seriously don’t need douchebags like you.

  7. mack

    March 14, 2013 at 14:42

    Parth ,
    dear boy . u r young and naive ..
    Ignorant FUCKS like me are the reason u still have a country to call home. .. if it wasnt for ppl like me who question every step our government takes .. INDIA would have become the next SOMALIA.. LAWLESSNESS prevails here ..

    U have called me many names … I HV Taken no offence ..
    I will agree with you .. i will agree to the names u hv called me .. on ONE condition ..
    can u disprove anything i have mentioned in my ARTICLE ?>>

    Does nto my article say that the cause of the POOR state OF INDIA are it PEOPLE ??

    did u even bother to READ the entire article ?? i dont think so .. U Lk a Ignorant Kid that u r .. just read the TITLE and commented .. thats the problem with your generation .. quick to jump to conclusions ..
    I hv written the exact same thing which u told me to do .. people participation ..

    India maybe the fastest growing economy in the world .. but parth tell me .. did u hear bout the DROUGHT in Maharashtra … ?? what has the govt done for the farmers ..

    Unlike lil farts like u .. still in their diapers and making a hue and cry .. I believe that a country has made progress .. not by how much is its economy .. but by its GDP ..
    and indias GDP is not good ..
    majority ppl cant even afford food-clothing-shelter

    Villages still hvnt recvd electricity … so MR PARTH .. just WTF are you talkin about>?>? i see progress when every child of this country can be born disease free.. get a good education … have sufficient food and clothing .. and not hv to beg for food on the roads..

    Ignorant lil runts like yourself .. judge progress by how many MALLS are in the vicinity of your house .. how many subway outlets u can visit .. how many IMAX theatres are withing your reach ..

    That is not DEVELOPMENT .. that is not progress ..

    many villages in india dont even have roads .. they still use mud pathways ..

    I .

    • Parth

      March 14, 2013 at 15:39

      Yeah I think you did not read my comment properly too. I said that India has these problems, but every developing country has them. And they need to be removed with hardwork and effort put in by every single citizen. Complaining won’t fix anything. Have you ever even tried to do anything for the country? I don’t think so. ‘Hate’ is a very strong word. If everyone starts ‘hating’ their countries, there would be no development. And because of people like you that we are not like Somalia? Yeah right, look in the fucking mirror douchebag. You are a worthless piece of shit.

      • mack

        March 14, 2013 at 17:20

        ohhh the kid knows how to spell ..
        this is so BRILLIANT ..

        tell me PARTH … what have u done for this country .. that makes u stand so proud and preach to the likes of me \….

        how much tax do u pay … or do u even pay any at all ..??

        well i do .. i pay my taxes faithfully .. which generally is supposed to go into development of the city and country .. for wel being of the people .. but still all i see is suffering ..
        Y ?? coz most of the money is goin into the swiss bank accounts ..

        do u know that the centre had issued 12 crore rupees to help unemployed youth .. but only 8.4 crore was used .. what happened to the remaining amount ??

        u ask what am i doing to help this country ??
        how many NGO do u support mr PARTH .?? how many homes do u help out ??
        how many children do u sponsor thro school ??
        Or are u one of those good for nothing useless kids .. who survives on his FATHERS pocket money ..

        u talk to me bout us doing something to make a change .. why dont DIAPER-Babies like u lead the way .. change ur habits .. stop going to pubs and malls .. stop wearing reebok and adidas .. go support the cottage industries ..



      • mack

        March 14, 2013 at 17:33

        tell me something parth ..

        ur verbal attack on me .. what caused it .. the fact that i WROTE ” I HATE INDIA” or that fact that i wrote the truth of what is happening in this country ..

        please dear parth .. read the following article ..

        its where normal civilians .. ppl like u and me are doing STUPID CRAZY IDIOTIC things .. tell me after u read it .. tell me i am wrong . .tell me what i wrote is wrong .. tell me i am stereotyping !!

        no parth .. u r in delhi .. i am in mumbai .. but the facts dont change .. the country is going to the DOGS .. !!
        and fools like u .. judt dont wanna accept it ..

        • Parth

          March 14, 2013 at 18:56

          Am I the one complaining about stuff to strangers on the internet? Am I the one who ‘hates’ my country? Am I the one generalizing all Indians as ‘Idiots’? No, you are. If someone reads only the titles of your articles, they’ll probably think that they are written by a Pakistani terrorist. Seriously, they are so anti-india and offensive. Stop trying to act like a distingushed news reporter, you don’t know how to write shit. Open the newspaper and see how articles are written. You can complain about things without being so full of hatred.

          • mack

            March 16, 2013 at 17:16

            dude .. i dont care who reads these blogs .. or even if anyone reads the blogs ..

            the blogs are created for ppl like me to vent out our feelings .. share our feelings ..

            We dont need to be DISTINGUISHED journalists .. thats is a job .. journalism is an art .. they get paid for what they write .. half the articles are written to be poilitically correct ..
            what need hv I, to be politically correct??
            y shud i write my feeling in a politically correct way …

            In Times Of India today’s newspaper this article was read : “”

            so ppl are dying of water …
            then we notice that MALABAR HILL … where governor and many politicians stay .. has its own WATER RESERVOIR ..

            we have enuf money to keep our politicians happy … and let them live in peace in AC cars and houses ..
            enuf money to send the MAYOR of MUMBAI on 12 trips around the world .. with her entire FAMILY ,.in the name of research ..

            but we DONT hv money to Give drinkin water to the poor in DRAUGHT affected areas ..

            MR PARTH .. if u love ur country, Bring these situations to peoples notice ..
            Dont FUCKING turn a blind eye to it … in the name of MERA BHARAT MAHAN …

            or did u forget .. 100 mein se, 99 be-imaan .. ???

            talk bout these issues ..bring it to ppl’s notice .. let the word spread .. thats how our IDIOT fellow citizens will stop WORSHIPPING those USELESS politicians .. and concentrate more on nation development ..

            by ignoring the problem .. and not talkin bout it .. to strangers or known people .. u are just helping make the situation worst ..

            ur problem is .. u feel that if i hv written bad bout the country .. ppl from around the world will read it and have a negative image of india ..

            I say ” Who Gives a FLYING F*** ” ??

            u think ppl hvnt noticed the brutal gang rape in delhi ??
            u think ppl hvnt noticed the draught condition in vidharba .??
            u think ppl hvnt noticed the corruption charges against out military personnel ??

            think bout it …

          • mack

            March 26, 2013 at 18:21

            hey BUDDY ,
            long time no see ..
            hope you are ok …

            Well i have another BLOG for you ..


            please do comment ..

          • mack

            March 27, 2013 at 03:42

            Hey buddy ,

            I have one more question ..

            U said India is a developing country and u spoke about the economy making progress In leaps and bounds ..
            So tell me …. WHY IS ‘BIHAR’ dying to be called a Backward state ??

            Is it because of special perks.. Which those politicians wanna receive ??

  8. Prachi

    March 27, 2013 at 00:20

    I appreciate you mack,for you are brave enough to call a spade a spade.

    I am from india too,and i totally concur with your views.Living in india is too difficult.i dont know why i was born here.

    even i am like you.whenever i have similar discussions with indian people here,90% of them will quarrel with me,insult me and will strongly put me down for i “dared” to say the bitter truth about how india is.they will immediately start pinpoiting at the faults of other advanced countries just to show that not just india;but other advanced nations are “bad” too.

    this is the basic problems of indians.they are not willing to accept their faults.unless we accept our faults,we cannot hope for an improvement,

    and that is why we have not improved,we are still the same.we will change ONLY WHEN we come out of this delusion that we are a great nation,and start focussing on our problems and improving them side by side.

    • mack

      March 27, 2013 at 02:29

      Hey Prachi,
      Thnkx for stopping by.

      Well u called me brave .. I don’t think I’m brave .. I think I am just so frustrated with the way INDIA functions that I don’t know what to do ..

      I don’t where to go .. I don’t know why in multi million dollar economy people have to go hungry .. Thirsty .. Die of starvation??

      I don’t know why so many of my fellow Indians live in poverty while the ppl WE elect to run out country .. Grow richer and richer and richer ..

      And I don’t know why INDIANS come and fight with ppl like u and me ..
      Is it that they are afraid of the truth ??
      Y won’t anyone stand up for what is right ..

      Politicians beat up a cop in my city recently .. And the COP was suspended .. Coz he addressed this politician with a ‘तू’

      R u shitting me ???

      Thanks for UR support .. Means a lot to me ..
      I know there is hope left .. Even though it just a single RAY .. It is still burning bright ..

  9. Prachi

    March 27, 2013 at 02:55

    i dont think things will ever change.

    the typical indian gene has become such,that you ridicule honest,straightforward and simple people here,but worship cunning,selfish people here.therefore the latter types of people become ministers here while the former type either migrate abroad to lead more dignified lives,or end up “surviving” in india,and bearing all sorts of hardships here.

    and mind you,this is not the situation in politics or govt alone.

    if you have noticed,in joint families also,the most sincere,hard working,& simple(seedhe-saade) son-daughter in-law will be always bullied and criticised for simple faults by other selfish,manipulative family members,while the most opportunistic and cunning family member will be treated with respect by the head of the family.

    same thing happens in indian workplaces also.the most diligent,simple hearted(seedha saadha) straightforward employee who doesnt believe in licking his employer’s ass will be always the target of all bullying and ridiculing by other employees,while the most loud,mean and ass licking workers will get fast promotions.

    this shit mentality has only taught all the upcoming generations that in india, in order to get friends and recognition,you ought to be v.mean,cunning,and opportunist,or else you will be treated as a doormat.therefore all people behave like this only.they teach the same tactics to their kids also.and that is why these kids,when they become politicians/ministers,they adopt the same mentality to remain in power.they adopt the same mentality in workplaces,in joint families,and so on.this mentality has polluted the whole of india and therefore i am forced to think that this poison will never be removed since it’s strongly permeated our genes,our blood and our consciousness.

    therefore when you pinpoint india’s flaws to anyone,they are ready to kill you,for you touched their sensitive nerve,and reminded them of their mentality.

    • mack

      March 27, 2013 at 13:44

      I never really thought of the problem from UR prospective !!!
      And it does mk sense .. Work ethics are totally lacking ..
      But what I feel most worried about is the CALLOUS nature of the people around me …

      Instead of reprimanding a BEREAUCRAT for any mistake or wrongdoing an punishing him/her for the same , our fellow Indians come out in full support of the man … Even resorting to RIOTS to uphold his honor …
      Why r v as citizens so careless ???

      Maybe it’s the culture … We are taught from childhood to kiss ass … So we kiss ass.. No matter what !!

    • Parth

      March 27, 2013 at 17:12

      First of all, stop using the word ‘gene’. Genes give us traits that we are born with at birth. Nobody can be born with traits like selfishness. Secondly, there is not even a single developing country in the world that doesn’t have the problems we have. Every problem that we are facing here in India is being faced in China. Female foeticide, corruption, you name it. Why? Because every country faces theses problems while developing. And if we keep saying that things will never improve, well they never will. Try being a little optimistic. India has a lot of potential. Try reading about those soldiers who have given their lives for our country and you will realize that there are Indians who are selfless and do care about their country. So instead of going on these stupid useless rants, try fixing something.

      • mack

        March 27, 2013 at 17:42

        Wooo – Hooo …

        Parth the AWESOME one is BACK !!

        and is he RILED up !!! boy !! i missed u kid !!

        hmmm Parth .. kiddo .. u just proved PRACHI right in every damn ASPECT ..

        she said u wud do this .. she predicted u wud reply thusly ..
        She generalised your kind of people .. who justify shit … and u my FRIEND .. u just hit the bulls-eye …

        u want us to stop complaining and do something ..

        SO PARTH dear boy … tell us .. enlighten us . what to do ..

        and why in hell hvnt u replied to the few questions i asked of u ??

        plz teach me …

      • mack

        March 27, 2013 at 18:37

        Kid ..
        Don’t talk to me bout the sacrifice of soldiers ..
        I am alive coz of our brave soldiers / cops ..

        My rant was against the politicians am their blind lame ass followers ..

        My rant was against the millions of idiots we have in this country .. Who cudnt care less ..

        My rant is against the khap panchayats .. And maulanas who issue death FATWAS.. Who da fuck r these ppl to decide who lives and dies .. To hell with u Nd UR RELIGION ..

        My rants is against the eve teasers Nd rapists ..

        My rant is against the cops who r careless … Who don’t wanna deliver justice .. Who take bribes and trouble common man .

        Now of course not everyone is like that .. But the ppl who do care and who wanna mk a change are but a few ..

  10. Sharath

    April 7, 2013 at 21:37

    i completely agree with mack and prachi. we indians tend to adjust and say “koi baat nahi” we are like this and i don’t think we are going to change there are very few good people who think like you and as the name of the website says tictactruth Truth is always bitter and we do not learn from other developed countries. take the example of kerala it has the highest literacy rate and sex ratio but people from other states say “why do we have to learn from such a puny state our state is great”. if our country is really great then why are many people leaving india to work in usa, canada?!? i think i’ve done some bad karma as a result i am born in this shitty country.

    • mack

      May 31, 2013 at 11:51

      Preach .. brother ..
      u took the words right out of my mouth ..
      my good friend got a notice from IT dept yesterday, that they will initiate legal action against him coz he did not file ‘NIL’ returns for FY 2011-2012.

      this is happening while our politicians have stashed Thousands of Crores of rupees in Swiss Banks away from the IT department.

      y do the govt offices target us – common people when they should be targetting those bastard Politicians? how come Lalit Mody is a free man today after the scam he committed ? how come none of the murder cases against politicians result in jail term .. but we didnt file “no-returns’ and we might go to jail ??

      fucking bullshit ..
      Indian rules SUCK !!

  11. Guy

    April 19, 2013 at 20:08

    Here’s my list:
    1. Too many stinking people. Most smell worst that a corpse of a dead cat. I wonder how many years they avoided shower.
    2. They are like a virus that needs to be eliminated.
    3. High population but most are idiots. I’d say 90% moron and only 10% that got somewhere.
    4. What’s with the talking and moving heads. Careful not to snap your neck but then again if you do; I guess that’s one less indian in this world.. which is a good thing.
    5. what kind of movies got singing in the middle of gun shoot out. It’s called trash from india.

    bottom line, india is nothing more than a pile of garbage that spreads everywhere.

  12. Delight

    May 10, 2013 at 12:49

    I totally agree with you
    you told everything about india which is damn true

    • mack

      May 31, 2013 at 11:59

      thankx ‘delight’
      appreciate the support.

      what i cant digest is the fact that indians r willing to turn a blind eye to the problems this country faces ..
      they want to live thinking ‘everything is fine’ ‘our country is best’

      WAKE UP INDIA .. notice the problems . .only then will be able to solve some of them ..

  13. Anon

    June 26, 2014 at 02:18

    Every word in this article is true. I met an Indian man who already had a girlfriend in America. I am in Germany. His name is Anmol Chandan or Nikka Anmol. He cheats lies and is a lying piece of shite. He took photos of our visit to show his friends and used me. He uses online dating sites to find women all over the world and con them. He uses them to stay or have sex until they see him in person……. He is disgusting with bad hygiene and clogged pores all over. Dirty. He is doesn’t deserve any woman and all need to beware.


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