The Arabian Idiot !!

23 Feb

This just came to my notice,

News of a Young man causing problems on a flight causing it to deviate. Nothing new here … 

Wait a minute… If there’s nothing new why is this news on every site and blog ?

Coz the idiot was Shouting “ALLAH-HU-AKBAR”.


First we have Osama blowing up planes and then this kid here goes Berserk, which could have got him shot by Air Marshals.

He is lucky to still be alive … and all for what ? A LOUSY CIGARETTE?

Here’s the Idiot and you can read about it HERE (incident report)… I ain’t going into details coz it’s already been done.

When asked by the Stewardess to quit smoking in the flight, this ASS starts shouting and screaming and swinging his fists at the Stewardess. What did he scream ? “Allah-Hu-Akbar’ , and songs about OSAMA BIN LADEN, although what relevance does any of these words have with SMOKING on a plane is beyond me !!

These words revive long dormant fears in the minds of people, coz yes we all remember 9/11. Luckily the fool didn’t have any bombs or weapons on him, else it was GUANTANAMO BAY for him for sure.

Just the previous week this bugger was arrested for D.U.I (Driving under influence *of alcohol*) and fined $65,000 bail-bond. And this was after Islam has forbidden Alcohol consumption.

What a bunch of Crap. This Guy just wanted to cause trouble, plain and simple. He wanted to act like the Rebel, someone who goes against the grain. He was and will always remain the Dumb fool who tried to be cool but ended up looking like a washed up board.

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