Geek Vs Nerd !!

22 Feb

Have you ever wondered if you were categorised as a GEEK or a NERD ?

Don’t worry I have too, its nothing to be ashamed of but SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF.

remember Cool guys need devices invented and made by GEEKS/NERDS to look cool eg: iPhone, Smartphones, Laptops, Automated Cars, Yachts, Planes : “Who do you think programs all these ?”

So finally here’s where I found my answer :

It’s a long one.. do read it ..

And finally I got my answer … I’M A GEEK !!! .. 🙂 .. Actually I would Prefer Super-Geek … but lets not delve into that anymore.

Well fellow COMIC-CON lovers here’s a simple yet wonderful reason to visit COMIC-CON :

this is just one of the reason..  I jus wanted to display a good looking chic here.

So there you have it. GEEKS and NERD classified..

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One response to “Geek Vs Nerd !!

  1. Clareville

    February 22, 2012 at 05:54

    Great post – thanks. I love it that “Nerd” comes from Dr Seuss. Still not sure if I’m a Nerd or a Geek, or neither. Have been an IT programmer (world’s worst) but in the time of Assembler (showing my age). Been an IT journalist and now I just love doing designs (now semi-retired) and don’t own a mobile phone. But I do love what technology can do.


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