30,000 yr old plant REVIVED!!

21 Feb

There you have it Ladies & Gentlemen.

The Russians have finally done it. They have successfully revived a Plant which dates almost 30,000 yrs.

Yes that kinda Pre-historic. Yes it was frozen. Yes there is chance to clone and revive other species too. Yes you may get to see a MASTODON soon.   AWESOME !!

The plant in this picture dates from the Pleistocene Age, 30,000 years ago, before agriculture, before writing, before the end of the last Ice Age. Scientists in Russia say they regenerated it from frozen cells they found beneath 125 feet of permafrost in what is now northeastern Siberia.

It was cultivated in the lab, with help from some “clonal micropropagation”  from seeds and leaves probably collected by some long-ago species of squirrel, who hid the seeds in its burrow but then it got frozen over quickly. Sending the seeds into a kind of hibernation.

The plant is of the species Silene stenophylla, and radiocarbon dating says it is 31,800 years old, plus or minus 300 years. The Russian scientists report they were able to grow it in a conventional pot, and after a year of tender loving care, they say it blossomed, bore fruit, and dropped seeds. It lived, in other words, as if there had never been a 30,000-year interruption.

Well the same things was observed in a HUMAN in Sweden.:

A Swedish man has survived being trapped in his snow-covered car for two months without food, police say.

The man, who was too weak to utter more than a few words, said he had been inside since 19 December. He may have survived by drinking melted snow.

The man, identified as Peter Skyllberg, was discovered on Friday by a group of snowmobile drivers. They spotted his snow-covered car parked at the end of a track in a forest near the town of Umea,  where temperatures hit -30C.

Doctors claim he must have survivded by going into a kind of hibernation mode.

So now we know that the events of the Sylvester Stallone movie : DEMOLITION MAN can indeed come true .. !!

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