What TV should i buy ?

20 Feb

Recently me and my Girlfriend went to meet a newly married couple friend of ours.

Lets call them ‘L’ & ‘R’

Well they had bought a new apartment for themselves and were in the process of Renovating and Decorating the place so it looked more comfortable and welcoming. A very good idea I would say, It would encourage couple bonding, but then it dawns upon me what this truly entails.

You see ‘R’ had in mind something like a bachelor pad while ‘L’ was going more in for the “comfy house of 2″ look.

‘R’ wanted to install his home theater with satellite speakers and 2X12” woofers powered by an external amplifier. He wanted to play on his XBox 360.

Well ‘L’ went along with the plan, when i realised that the white fur laced pillows on the couch and the Barbie doll pictures on the sheets would NEVER EVER be in sync with the Xbox 360 and the UBER-Macho Home theater system. Theres just no room for Barbie and cute cuddly furry soft toys in the same room as the Xbox 360 and this :

Thankfully ‘L’ & ‘R’ hadn’t realised it yet and were very happy trying to chalk up plans on how to make the room in the image in each of their heads.

this is what ‘SHE’ had in mind : 

Heres what ‘HE’ had in mind : 

How these 2 design ideas were similar is beyond my grasp. But im sure they will work it out.

Hell ‘R’ can have his kind of room if he compromises on his home theater system by buying the  article displayed on the left,which would add a touch of FEMINITY to his Gaming room/TV room.

I’m sure ‘L’ will love it, I mean c’mon which girl won’t say ‘HOW CUTE” on seeing this pair ?

Thus we arrive at the Biggest and most important of questions : What type of TV to purchase?

I mean both ‘L’ & ‘R’ are gonna watch it, ‘R’ for games and soccer and ‘L’ well for what ever it is that women watch …

The best choice in my opinion would by a flat screen wall mounted LCD, Why ? its space saving, looks GR8 on the wall, adds some class to the room and saves energy, plus the old box T V is sooo outdated.

But then you begin to wonder: “There are so many types of these tv’s, which one should I buy ? Whom should I ask? ”

Well “GEEK SQUAD” to the rescue !!!

Lets ask people who know best : PC Mag,

Heres what WILL GREENWALD of PC Mag has to say:

” LED-based LCD is the best flat-panel HDTV technology. Unfortunately, it’s also generally the most expensive. (Though LED HDTV prices have come down considerably over the past year, and continue to drop all the time.) If it’s in your budget, the choice is clear: Pay the premium and get an LED-lit HDTV”

You can read the entire article here.

So remember if you are in the market for a new TV try out LED-based HDTV first, and if its beyond your budget, a Plasma should be your next bet.

Hey ‘L’ and ‘R’ hope you are reading this. Coz you ARE in the market for a new TV !!

Cheer$ !!

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One response to “What TV should i buy ?

  1. mackubex1

    February 20, 2012 at 17:15

    y shud we start ? Let ‘L’ & ‘R’ start ..


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