The Super Sexy Dress

20 Feb

As usual I was surfing the net, searching for something to write about.

The 1% pervertness inside of me … hell maybe 30% prompted me to do a google search on Super sexy dress.

I expected to see some SEXY SUPERWOMAN costumes like this one :

But what I got instead too wasnt half bad, hell I enjoyed browsing through all those pictures.

Call me pervert if you wanna, but can you deny you have never googled : ” Sex, Boobs, Chicks (which actually shows u baby chickens) etc …

Hell im a healthy male and there is nothing wrong in looking at pics of hot girls.. as long as I don’t harm anybody im cool with it.

Getting back to topic, in my enthusiasm I passed page after page of google search results ( no I didn’t have my full, I wanted more) ( yes I know that sounds perverted), when I happened upon this picture which blew me away ( pun intended.. 🙂 ) on page 3

I was like WHAT THE HELL is that dress ?

Heres what the website says about it : “This super sexy dress is made of synthetic fabric. It reveals the most attractive part of the women’s body.”

Most attractive part .. yeah yeah .. I know .. all men dig a chick with a lovely behind ( see J.LO for example or Eva Mendez)

but isn’t this taking things a bit too far ? I mean what kinda girls gonna wear this dress and go out ? It could work for you if you were a female plumber or carpenter or electrician and business wasnt running so good. I’m sure after showing up at work in this baby, your business might just double ..Guys will be breaking stuff just to call you over.

As for me personally I think this dress reminds me of something else. :

So there you have it . SUPER SEXY DRESS.

If you girls wanna go at it, and surprise your guy in the bedroom, just click your mouse button over here.

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