Hollywood needs to pull up its SOCKS !!

19 Feb

There is a reason why script writers are paid loads of monies.

To write a script which is more acceptable to the viewers, To be exciting and eye catching.

But then come the Villains. The producers, who demand various changes to an already perfect script.

Why do they do this, because they think We Are Producers, We make movies, we know best.

Well WAKE UP call Mr. Producer, you don’t know all.

Latest example : THE GREEN LANTERN ( starring Ryan Reynolds)

Green Lantern is all CGI sheen and no soul, taking the comic bookmovie one giant leap backwards in its inept attempt at creating a would be SUPER HERO BLOCKBUSTER !!! What a way Hollywood has to insult the sensibilities of its viewers.

Did y’all forget that majority of your viewers for these movies are comic book GEEKS and kids, these ppl have read the comics, they know the history of the character and they know his powers and weaknesses, the reason we come to the movie theaters is to see our fantasies come alive onscreen.

So plz don’t think you can alter timelines, alter character histories, alter anything and everything you want just coz you want to.

given below are few of the things YOU felt you could change, but would be better off not changing. !!

1.  Hal of the film gets what seems like a 25-minute training session from Kilowog and Sinestro on Oa before deciding to stomp off like a toddler on a tantrum because he can’t handle the responsibility. What should’ve been the thrust of the entire film – learning how to become a Green Lantern – gets shunted to several minutes of screen time full of exposition dumps


If you have read Green Lantern Secret origins you would know that Abin Sur crashed after being attacked by LEGION.

Even the movie initially had Legion as the villain, but changed it later to Parallax, WHY ? your guess is as good as mine.

But i must give Full Points to the CGI for depicting Abin as he is in the Comics. Cant say the same for Green Lantern character: you see the comic book lantern wore a green domino mask, while in the movie it’s clearly visible that Ryan reynolds is wearing something which looks like green jelly fish jelly… Doesnt actually want me to be a green lantern .


The actual Parallax was an entity of FEAR. It was Yellow in color and the Guardians had sealed it inside the main green lantern battery on OA to prevent it from causing destruction. This Explained the initial Weakness of Green lanterns aganist the color Yellow. here is the real parallax

In the movie it is shown that Krona(a guardian of the universe) merged with the Yellow lantern and got corrupted. Thus you have this villains

Well you see in the comic books it was Hal jordan who merged with the Lantern trying to absorb all its energy so he Could Reconstruct his home-city which was destroyed, doing so he released Parallax from its prison, Parallax then corrupted Jordan and he became the host for the ENTITY. Which lead to the creation of a new Green Lantern : KYLE RAYNER.

The movie parallax jus looks like the sandstorm from the movie THE MUMMY

5. Sinestro :

True sinestro was the teacher of Hal jordan. But he was somewhat like SADDAM HUSSEIN. He was a dictator. He used the power of the green ring to rule his planet with an IRON FIST, his people revolted ( same like the ARAB spring movement), and he killed many of them. Finally he was punished for his crimes by banning him to the planet Qward in the Anti-Matter universe.

After convincing the people of Qward to craft a yellow power ring for him, Sinestro wore it as Hal Jordan’s most dangerous enemy 

In the movie, The Guardians themselves create the Yellow Ring. And after Krona goes rogue, Sinestro takes over the Yellow ring created and Raises his own CORP. Why he did this is not clearly explained in the movie.

He did this in fact was to take revenge on the Guardians for Banning him to the anti-matter universe.

The point being, the yellow ring of the comic books does not automatically make you evil.While the ring of the movie makes you EVIL almost instantly. Sinestro was inherently evil in the comics, in the movie the ring corrupts him.

Why use a great character development thread when you can just use a plot device.


In the comics Carol’s background was just as it was in the movie. Only one problem, in the comics she was regularly possessed by members of an immortal alien race of warrior women called the Zamarons, transforming her into the evil Star Sapphire – a cosmic Green Lantern villain

In the movie she is reduced to portraying a DAMSEL IN DISTRESS … Wheres the knight in shining armor ? Oh yeah I forgot .. Hal jordan, who is now a superhero with just 20 minutes of training.

7. Hector Hammond :

In the comics Hector Hammond was a consultant for Ferris Air in addition to being Carol Ferris’ strangely obsessed stalker. He wasnt all Dirty and ugly looking like the guy in the movies. But he wasnt a stunner either. He looked like a normal person would

you see he did got to inspect the SWpacecraft of ABIN SUR (not his body as was shown in the movie) but he didn’t get corrupted by the yellow fear juice from the corpse, He was blasted in the face by the craft’s thrusters which were powered by a yellow meteor. Thus gaining telepathic powers and an OVER SIZED HEAD.

In the movies, hector touches some yellow fear juice in ABIN SUR’s body which corrupts him and makes him the villain he is.

Basically in the movie there are no “bad guys” who make their own “bad choices,” just guys who are negatively influenced by cosmic yellow fear energy.

I end this post here saying I was very excited to go watch the movie. I expected them to show some Human personalities, some character development, people using the power rings for their own needs

What I got was jus a huge CGI movie, bereft of any emotions, human traits, no character development, Basically the movie made everything the fault of the rings. No one else is guilty. Every one was a SAINT.

Well they should have taken a cue from Christopher Nolan’s Batman series, he explored human characteristics, human mentality and portrayed it beautifully. No wonder Batman was a hit and Green Lantern was not.

But yes i will definitely watch another movie in the series, just to see if they have taken all such criticism and made something worthy out of it.

Thanks to for the groundwork. Awesome Work Guys !

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