A word of advice Prez. Ahmadinejad(satirical)

17 Feb

Wooo-Hooo ..

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  has finally shown the world what a big nut-case he really is.. 

What with Iranians being apprehended in Bangkok for grenade attacks and a similar attack carried out in india, both targetting Israel Diplomats, dude you are so messed up man.

the word assassin originated from the persian word: حشاشين Ḥashshāshīn. Iran is basically persia .. so im guessing assassins were first used in persia.

So tell me this did you forget the meaning of assassin ? ehh Iran? Those citizens of yours who were trying to blow up Israeli diplomats in Bangkok of ’em chaps blew up HIS OWN LEG … can u believe that ? I almost fell off my chair laughing when I read it. That is so ridiculous. How does one blow up his own leg while on a mission of throwing grenades? Arent you guys like trained for this shit ?

Coming back to the topic.. Ok fine .. you want nuclear weapons.. you want nuclear energy.. so do it QUIETLY .. why do u Mr. Ahmadinejad and every other important person in IRAN need to scream from the top of your voice and proclaim it to the world?

What were you guys expecting ? complimentary URANIUM ? God-damn … then you complain that USA/NATO are imposing sanctions. damn right they will, it’s what they do best. Sanctions against everyone except themselves. Haven’t you guys learnt a thing in all these years?

Man if you wanted weapons so bad, do what India did. We ran our nuclear program without a single whisper resounding across the globe. Hell even those Pakistani moles didn’t know about it. And im sure they had their bollocks hanging out their mouths when the first test was done. I’m sure there must have been panic in Paki-land.

Thats why they hurried and scurried and begged and borrowed and stole and did everything in their power to acquire Nukes. Coz thats the only way they felt safe.

And guess what Mr President, now that its been alleged that Iran is targetting Israeli Diplomats outside Israel, what do you think is gonna happen next ?

Hmmmm , lemme guess .. hey anyone remember MUNICH 1972. Do you know how Israel responded? No-one is dumb enuf not to know what the consequences of these actions is..certainly not you.

Hey they kill your scientist, you kill their ambassador.. and what do we have .. a to and fro game of TENNIS ofcourse, or ping-pong, whatever rocks your boat.

So keep up the good work and yeah Mr. Prez a word of advice … watch out for those Mossad/Shin-bet agents. I hear they blend in very well with native ARABS.  


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