Indian Wrestling — Ring Ka King

16 Feb

I’m sure quite a few of you readers may have heard about TNA’s latest Wrestling Promotion in INDIA .. ‘Ring Ka King”

Filming for the promotion’s television product began in December 2011 with the backing of Endemol and is debuted on India’s The Colors Network on January 28, 2012.

Jeff Jarrett is in charge of the promotion, working alongside Dutch Mantell, Dave Lagana, Sonjay Dutt and Jeremy Borash.


I only managed to catch a single complete episode of Ring Ka King and parts of the second, and may i say i was quite surprised. Normally events held in India are not upto the mark for us who have grown up with listening to the gibberish  of Austin and Rock. Maybe It looked good because I had very very very low expectations from it, and thus it failed to be a failure in my eyes.. the more u expect things from something the more the chances of one being disappointed.

So i see Scott Steiner and Matt Morgan and Sonjay Dutt and im thinking ok this reminds me of TNA Xplosion. The Arena looked better than the arena of IMPACT and lemme tell you way way way better than the ROH arena. The lightings and pyro were right up there with the best.

The american wrestlers were as usual upto the mark. There is no question about their skill and talent. It was on full display ( the tapings are being carried out in the City of Pune) .. so if u guys wanna get with it.. u know where to go ….

The same could not be said about the Indian wrestlers, i mean they did indeed try to be very ferocious and very angry and very AWESOME, but they still lack that Air around them. They need more training, which im sure Savio Vega will take care of. The Mumbai cats look ridiculous..what kinda name is Mumbai cats ? sounds more like a Woman’s tag team and not a Male tag team.

I watched Scott Steiner knock the marbles off of indian Wrestler Maxx B. If you ask me Maxx B looked more like someone more accustomed to performing acrobatics in a Circus rather then in a Wrestling Ring. He looked out of place and there was nothing in him to promote his character of being an Ex Boxer. He got his ass handed to him in a royal fashion, and I having observed Scott Steiner in action from a long long long time, can vouch for the fact the Maxx B could have landed in a much much worse situation.. Steiner went soft on him.

You see guys, I personally feel Sonjoy Dutt should try training a few of the Indian lot. I really like Dutt when he is in the ring. His In Ring personna clearly reflects in his body language nothing looks forced, which is not what i can say about either the bollywood boys or the Kayfabe Commissioner Jazzy Lahoria.

If you excuse the acting talent of the wrestlers overall its an awesome show to watch. A lil weird coz im used to listening to Play by play calling by the likes of Jim Ross and Vince Mcmahon and lately Jerry lawler and Michael Cole. So experiencing the same in hindi by Joe Batt and Sid Kanan will take a little getting used to.

The Womens division is shaping up pretty well, Mickie James one of my all time favourites is here and thats enuf reason for me to keep coming back.

The only Indian who has impressed me till now is Mahabali Veera aka Amanpreet Singh. He is HUGE and with some more training im sure he will be at par or better than the top of the line talents at both TNA and Impact. The writers just have to play their cards right and get him good quality training … Matt Morgan i feel is most suitable for this.

With that out of the way i now come to the one of the main attraction for any indian .. Cricket star Harbhajan Singh. He looks as out of place in a wrestling ring as a fish flying in the sky.. i mean there is Matt Morgan standing in the ring with Scott Steiner outside the ring and inside the ring we have a scrawny looking Harbhajan Singh. His emotions betray him at this moment. There is no real joy or happiness of being in the ring. Maybe thats his nature or maybe he was feeling constipated while handing over the belt to Matt Morgan.. i would never know.

btw he took about 36 retakes on the first day of tapings .. for a 5 minute act.

Till nxt tym ….

ohhh wait i hv a complain … why did TNA decide to Portray Melissa Marie Anderson as Raisha Saeed and cover up that Beautiful Body in a burqa ?… look for urselves and lemme know … 

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One response to “Indian Wrestling — Ring Ka King

  1. C P

    February 16, 2012 at 17:58

    maybe they shud get JOHNNY ACE aka John Laurinitus as the new kayfabe commissioner…

    Subtly Evil …


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