iPhone Jailbreaking

15 Feb

Got a lot of flak from my friends for not posting the ways to jailbreak an iPhone..

Well I learnt it from reading blogs – forums and watching you-tube videos ..

But ill try to summarise what all i know .

Hmm lets see.. where do I start from .. firstly u got to know that jailbreaks are not available as soon as Apple launches its newest operating system.

So u will have to wait it out a bit till the Jailbreak for that particular new OS is out. This brings us to the next question : how does one really know when a Jailbreak is launched? Well u guys have got to follow the SUPER Geniuses who create these Jailbreaks on twitter or just visit this site . This site is one of the best, its got detailed tutorials on Jailbreaking and also has links to software which u need for jailbreaking. So all u got to do is read up, read every bit of information you can find before u attempt your first jailbreak, coz you sometimes end up BRICKING your Apple device (bricking is when the device is stuck in a limbo like state and doesn’t start-up to show you the unlock screen), I practiced Jailbreaking on my old iTouch before i tried it out on my iPhone 3g and 3gs.

One thing you should remember is that Jailbreaking DOES NOT unlock your phone (read this blog to know about Unlocks).

To unlock your phone earlier we used to have software known as ‘ultrasn0w’ which could be installed from cydia(again read this blog to know about cydia),but lately there has not been a single upgrade to ultrasn0w to support the new Basebands of the new operating systems. So People use something called a GEVEY SIM, follow the link to learn more. As of today all the latest Basebands upto ios 4.3.5 are suported by Gevey. However Gevey is to be paid for, while ultrasn0w is FREE !!

So get ready to shell out some CASH !! it’s not much.

Say u have an iPhone which is Jailbroken and also unlocked using ‘ultrasn0w’ ( btw ultrasn0w works on the baseband of your iphone which changes if you upgrade your phone to the latest iOS, and if your new baseband is not compatible with ultrasn0w then u lose your Unlock) so how does one UPGRADE the iphone OS to avail of the latest added features (eg: apple cloud) without loosing your unlock ?? DICEY aint it ..

Worry not .. there’s a way out here too. It’s a little bit more tricky and requires you to have some kinda minimalistic computer skills. What you do in such a situation is instead of upgrading your iPhone iOS via iTunes, you create a CUSTOM iOS on your computer using tools such as sn0wbreeze or redsn0w .. the download links and tutorials are here and then you upgrade your iPhone using this custom software. This will upgrade your iPhone without changing the baseband and thus protecting your ultrasn0w unlock.

Please if you are using any of these softwares kindly donate a little bit of money to the developers as a form of encouragement for them to continue their good work and also to help cover the costs of R&D.

** Do note that it will not necessarily succeed at the first attempt. It will take a few tries, don’t be disheartened. Also remember that once u upgrade your iPhone’s iOS it is very difficult to go back to a lower iOS unless you have BLOBS saved ( but thats a topic for a later day).

Adios and have fun.

practice makes perfect.. and read as much as you can before you practice.

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