Racism And Football !!

14 Feb

it’s a lovely morning here, sitting here with my cuppa coffee reading the newspaper when my eyes fell upon an article of Great Interest.

It appears Manchester United FC have accepted an official apology from Liverpool FC; following the Unsportsmanlike behavior of one of their star signing LUIZ SUAREZ.

The recent racism row involving Manchester United’s Patrice Evra and Liverpool’s  Luis Suarez, along with John Terry’s alleged racist remarks toward Anton Ferdinand, have brought about a scrutiny upon football of what many believed to have been a thing of the past.

Well what bothers me is that this Saturday wasn’t the first time this has happened. Suarez did indeed call Patrice Evra “NEGRO” which incidentally in Spanish indicates the color BLACK and in English is considered a racist remark,on the field during the last encounter of these 2 teams and was subsequently fined and banned from 8 games by the Authorities. Now for any player who is paid by the week, this would surely come as a blow to finances, and in my mind would be a sufficient deterrent to prevent such occurrences in the future. But this last Saturday, once his ban was lifted Suarez refused to shake Evra’s hand (the fair play handshake before every match). This shows how stubborn he is and how Unsportsmanlike his behavior is.

John Terry is another such case, it’s no wonder he was stripped of his captaincy before he stands trial for charges of racism against him on the field.

Very few will argue that racism has no place in life, let alone football. Yet as the great Bill Shankley famously stated: “Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that.”

The words and actions of Suarez has divided the two cities more than usual, to the point where it now boils over to the players onto the pitch. You do not need a looking glass to foresee that the war between the two clubs will take on a new edge. Albeit an unsanitary one.

The free speech curse that is social networking will ensure this. Footballers and fans colliding on Twitter will only heighten the passion of both players and supporters come match day.

Luiz Suarez .. the man at the centre of this STORM !!!!

what will his future hold ?? well its all upto this young man .. i have seen him in action and there is no doubt in my mind that his TALENT is undeniable. He is quick on his feet, has a fast mind, and is very tactical, somewhat like the free flowing MIND of a GENIUS. But unless he learns to control his tongue, his future is jeopardized !!!

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